Indian Statistical Institute



Lecture Series and Workshop on Population Dynamics-I (2012). (Special Course, IIPS, Mumbai)

Lectures on Pre-SLE and Development of SLE (Special Course for Selected M.Stat, II Students, 2011)

Theory of Integer Partitions (Special Course for Selected B.Stat, III Students, 2011)

Mathematical Ecology-I (2011), Centre for Mathematical Biology, Indian Institute of Science (Compact Course)

Random Walks (Special Course for Selected B.Stat, III Students, 2011)

Demography (B.Stat, II Year, 2011)

Differential Equations (B Stat III year, 2010, July-December)

Metric Topology and Complex Analysis (M Stat I year, 2010 January-May)

Real Analysis (M.Stat I year, 2007, July-December)

Mathematical Demography (B.Stat, II Year, 2007)

Calculus (2004, 2005)

Biomathematics (2005)

Introduction to DE and mathematical biology (2004)

Finite Mathematics (2005)

Probability (2002, 2003)

Life Contingencies (M.Stat II year, 2008, 2009)

Real analysis (Research / project students in PSU, 2008)

Elementary Number Theory (Non-Credit Course, 2009)


Student Evaluations (for 2005):

Index: Very good.

Score: 3.9 /5.0


Teachers influenced my mathematical reasoning during pre-university:

Sri. M. Perisastri (MR College, Andhra University): Music composer and mathematician, published several papers (between 1950 and 1970) on Fermat`s theorems (including in American Mathematical Monthly, Crelle`s journal).