Indian Statistical Institute

Following are broad areas of research.


1. Roter-Router Models (RRM), and some related issues.

2. Some problems related to Complex analysis and development of SLE.

3. Mathematical Biology.

4. Methods in Large Surveys, Stability Models and various errors in Population count.

5. Mathematical Models in Insurance.


Our research in mathematical biology has contributed in Three Important National Policies. I have been also serving as a member of national committees including NACPIV. Our research article on modeling ART appeared in prestigious Notices of the American Mathematical Society in April issue of 2012.


One referee while reviewing my recent article in JTB has commented-

The question concerned here is of great importance to public health because effective Control policies depend on knowing true incidence or prevalence. Also authors approach for understanding reporting errors is novel and has a potential for becoming a tool that can be used in designing of control programs.


We have initiated RRM related thinking in 2006 and started understanding SLE and its development. Tulasiram Reddy in his masters project (2010) gave a configuration for a 3D roter walk which inspired to obtain complete solution by Angel and Holroyd to an open problem in the area.


See arXiv for few working papers and See publications page for recent papers.


In addition to the above activities, I have been actively engaged in developing exercise solutions to the following two books:

Apostol Tom A. Mathematical Analysis.

Ahlfors Lars V. Complex Analysis. An Introduction to the theory of analytic functions of one complex variable.