The IMO Training Camp (IMOTC)

From amongst the 500 odd people who give the INMO, about 30 are selected for the IMO Training Camp.

A month long training camp is organised in May-June every year for the INMO awardees at HBCSE, Mumbai. INMO awardees of previous years who have performed satisfactorily in problems sent by post over the past year are directly invited to the Camp for another round of training as "Senior Batch". Training Faculty from all over the country impart problem solving skills alongwith necessary theoretical background to the awardees. The second half of the Camp is also used for selection of the Indian team for IMO. There are five exams patterned on the IMO, and on the basis of their performance, the Indian team for IMO is announced on the concluding session of the Camp. All Junior Batch---first time awardees---receive a Certificate of Merit and all Senior Batch receive awards in forms of books and cash to the tune of Rs. 5,000.