P. C. Mahalanobis Memorial Lectures:

14th series

Professor Louis Chen, National University of Singapore, 2009
Lecture Title : Calculating Occurrences of rare Events.
13th series

Prof. D. M. Titterington of Department of Statistics, University of Glasgow, UK, 2007
12th series

Professor Michael S. Keane, Wesleyan University, U.S.A., 2006
Lectures Delivered :
On spontaneous emergence of opinions; towards a better understanding of stochastic processes with infinite memory.
The Essence of the Law of Large Numbers.
11th series

Professor Ulf Grenander, Brown University, U.S.A., 2004
Lectures Delivered :
Theory of Natural Scenes.
Pattern Theory : The Formative years.
Patterns of Thought.
10th series

Professor Keith J. Worsley, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 2003
Lectures Delivered :
The geometry of random image in astrophysics and brain mapping.
Detecting changes in brain shape, scale and connectivity via the geometry of random fields.
Recent advances in random field theory.
The statistical analysis of fMRI data.
9th series

Professor Peter McCullagh, Department of Statistics, University of Chicago, U.S.A., 2001
Lectures Delivered :
What is a Statistical Model?
Generalized Linear Models in Practice.
Monte-Carlo Estimation of Normalizing Constants.
8th series

Professor Ildar Ibragimov, The Mathematical Institute, The Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, 2000
Lectures Delivered :
Estimation of Analytic Function.
On Almost Sure Limit Theorems.
Statistical Curve Estimation.
7th series

Professor C.F.J. Wu, Department of Statistics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, U.S.A., 1999
Lectures Delivered :
Statistics - Data Sciences.
A System of Experimental Design.
Industrial experimental design : Box, Taguchi and beyond.
Exploration of complex aliasing in non-regular designs.
6th series

Professor James Berger, Duke University, U. S. A., 1997
5th series

Professor A.P. Dawid, University College, London, U.K., 1995
4th series

Professor Peter G. Hall, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, 1992
Lectures Delivered :
On the Statistical Estimation of Fractal Dimension.
Development of Bootstrap Method - An Illustration of Interface between Statistical Insight, Statistical Theory and Statistical Practice.
Non-parametric Estimation of the Covariance of a Continuous Spatial Process.
3rd series

Sir David Cox, Imperial College of Science & , Technology, U.K., 1988
2nd series

Professor T.W. Anderson, Stanford University, California, U.S.A., 1985
1st series

Professor S. Karlin, Stanford University, California, U.S.A., 1983
Lectures Delivered :
The concept of Association Arrays and its Applications to Evaluating Familial Resemblance.
Permutation Analysis of Family Data.
The Optimality Nature of Even Sex Ratio.