Regional Mathematics Olympiad

for West Bengal

Result of RMO 2006

General Information

Every year, the National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM), (funded by the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India), organizes Mathematical Olympiads at state as well as at national level to encourage talented students to take up Mathematics as their career. Students of Class VIII , IX , X , XI and XII can appear at Mathematical Olympiads. The country is divided into several regions. In each region the Regional Mathematical Olympiad (RMO) is conducted in December. Based on their performance in RMO, about 30 students are selected from each region to appear at the Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO) from which about 30 students (INMO-Awardee) are selected. All the INMO-Awardees receive prizes in the form of books and cash. Further, those who take up mathematics as their career receive a monthly stipend of Rs. 700.00 and an annual contingency of Rs. 1000.00. The INMO-Awardees joining professional courses may also be considered for the scholarship and/or cash prizes provided they show excellence in Mathematics in a special examination conducted by NBHM every year.

A month long training camp is organised in May-June every year for the INMO-Awardees. During the training camp, the students have to appear at a series of tests. Based on their performance in these tests a maximum of six students are chosen to represent India at the prestigious International Mathematical Olympiad held in July every year in different countries. The INMO-Awardees are given one year postal coaching in problem solving. If a student's performance is satisfactory then he/she is again invited for one month training camp as a senior participant. Senior students are also considered for selection in the Indian team for IMO alongwith the junior students.

Announcement for RMO 2006

The Regional Mathematical Olympiad--2006 for West Bengal will be held on Sunday, 3 December 2006 at the test centres located at Berhampore, Burdwan, Calcutta, Kalyani, Kharagpur, Purulia, Santiniketan and Siliguri. Students of outstanding mathematical ability studying in Class VIII, IX, X, XI or XII in any school/college in West Bengal may collect the application form from

Professor H. Sarbadhikari,
Regional co-ordinator,
Stat-Math Unit,
Indian Statistical Institute,
203 B.T. Road,
Calcutta 700 108,

on any working day of the Institute from 10 July, 2006. Request for application form by post should be accompanied by a self-addressed Rs. 5/- envelope. The application form can be downloaded and printed as well. (Do not print back to back. Print them on separate pages.) Xerox copy of the application form may be used but not typed copy. Signed application on plain paper giving Name, Address, Class, Name and address of the school/college and center preferred may also be accepted. Each application should be accompanied by 2 passport size photographs, attested copy of latest mark sheet showing the class, a self-addressed stamped Rs. 20/- 12" × 6" size envelope and a DD of Rs. 60/- drawn in favour of the Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta at any nationalized bank at Calcutta. The last date for submission of application is 20 October 2006.

Please note that the Olympiad requires special talent and interest in Mathematics -- it is not meant for the average or even good student who does not have this. Class VIII students should not apply unless they are truly exceptional.

Some Suggestions

Students appearing at any mathematical olympiad must be well versed with all the mathematics taught upto Class X level. The problems asked at RMO, INMO and IMO can be broadly divided into four topics: Algebra, Combinatorics, (Euclidean) Geometry and Number Theory. The book ''An Excursion In Mathematics'' ([1] below) gives a fairly good idea of the background needed to solve these problems. The students may also try the old exams of RMO and INMO. No calculator is required. All the problems can be solved without using Calculus. However a problem set at any mathematical Olympiad is rarely of the type which can be solved by straightforward application of known results. Therefore, it is highly advisable that a student solves as many new problems as possible with no or with minimum help.


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[2.] PROBLEM PRIMER FOR THE OLYMPIAD by C. R. Pranesachar, B. J. Venkatachala, C. S. Yogananda, Prism Books Pvt. Ltd., #1865, 32nd. Cross, BSK II Stage, Bangalore 560 070. or 49, Sardar Sankar Road, Kolkata 700029. Phone: 24633890/24633944.

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Extra References

[1.] PROBLEM-SOLVING STRATEGIES by Arthur Engel, Springer.

[2.] A PRIMER ON NUMBER SEQUENCES by S. A. Shirali, University Press.


[4.] FUNCTIONAL EQUATIONS — A Problem Solving Approach by B. J. Venkatachala, Prism Books Pvt. Ltd., #1865, 32nd. Cross, BSK II Stage, Bangalore 560 070. or 49, Sardar Sankar Road, Kolkata 700029. Phone: 24633890/24633944.

Orders for the books can also be placed at SARASWATI PUSTAKALAYA, 138/1 GOPAL LAL THAKUR ROAD, Calcutta 700 035. Tel: 2577-1415.