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20-07-2017 Analytic Newvector Theory over Archimedean Local Fields
Subhajit Jana, ETH Zurich

Moulinath Banerjee, University of Michigan

17-07-2017 Unnormalized differences and fractional parts of zeros of the derivative of the Riemann $xi$ function
Arindam Roy, Rice University

14-07-2017 Regular variation and free infinitely divisible distributions
Sukrit Chakraborty, ISI, SMU, Kolkata

12-07-2017 Moments of the error term in the Sato-Tate law for elliptic curves
Stephan Baier, JNU

10-07-2017 Exponential growth model for tuber crops and some characterization theorems
Ratan Dasgupta, ISI, Kolkata

07-07-2017 Random Interface Models
Biltu Dan, ISI, Kolkata

04-07-2017 Seminar
will be updated soon, NA

04-07-2017 Rigidity theorems in Geometry
Mitul Islam, University of Michigan Ann Arbor

03-07-2017 Asymptotic Variance of Test Statistics in ML and QML Frameworks
Anil Kumar Bera, University of illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA

30-06-2017 The congruence Subgroup Problem
M.S. Raghunathan, IIT, Bombay

16-06-2017 Nambu structures on Lie algebroids and their modular classes
Apurba Das, ISI, Kolkata

09-06-2017 Harmonicity vs mu-harmonicity
Muna Naik, ISI, Kolkata

07-06-2017 Oriented Extensions
B Madhav Reddy, ISI, Kolkata

05-06-2017 Locally free actions of groupoids and proper correspondences
Rohit Dilip Holkar, IISER Pune

29-05-2017 Random structures: Phase transitions, scaling limits, and universality
Sanchayan Sen, McGill University

26-05-2017 Center of two group type subfactors
Narayan Rakshit, ISI, Kolkata

23-05-2017 On distribution of Eigenvalues of Hecke operators acting on a space of cusp forms
Ratnadeep Acharya, ISI, Kolkata

19-05-2017 Around of theorem of Paley-Wiener on semisimple Lie groups
Mithun Bhowmik, ISI, Kolkata

16-05-2017 Depth Regression with application to Functional Data
Joydeep Chowdhury, ISI, Kolkata

12-05-2017 The Prime Number Theorem
Gopal Maiti, ISI, Kolkata

08-05-2017 Dimension of modular forms
Sumit Kumar, ISI, Kolkata

28-04-2017 The Muntz-Szasz theorem
Md. Nurul Molla, ISI, Kolkata

28-04-2017 Applications of Selberg sieve
Saurav Kumar Singh, Stat-Math Unit, ISI

21-04-2017 A new proof of a result on Cyclic extension in Galois Theory
Souvik Dey, ISI, Kolkata

21-04-2017 Unimodular rows and a theorem of Seshadri
Sourjya Banerjee, ISI, Kolkata

21-04-2017 An overview of Selberg sieve
Saurav Kumar Singh, Stat-Math Unit, ISI

13-04-2017 On a theorem of F.and M.Riesz
Jayanta SarkarI, ISI, Kolkata

13-04-2017 Algebraic cycles and rationality problem
Kalyan Banerjee, IISER Mohali

12-04-2017 Algebraic cycles and rationality problem
Kalyan Banerjee, IISER Mohali

12-04-2017 The distribution of values of Hardys function
Ramdin Mawia, Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad

11-04-2017 Algebraic cycles and rationality problem
Kalyan Banerjee, IISER Mohali

07-04-2017 An index theorem in Non-Commutative Geometry
Sugato Mukhopadhyay, ISI, Kolkata

31-03-2017 h-Principle and its application
Aritra Bhowmick, ISI, Kolkata

20-03-2017 Equivariant cobordism
Goutam Mukherjee, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

15-03-2017 Seminar
Dr. Subhra Sankar Dhar, IIT Kanpur

15-03-2017 A Study on Robustness and Local Power of a New Test for Independence with Application in Non-parametric Regression
Subhra Sankar Dhar, IIT, Kanpur

15-03-2017 Spectral Analysis of Semibounded operators by truncation
Kalyan B Sinha, JNCASR, Bangalore

13-03-2017 Fluctuations of eigenvalues of patterned random matrices
Kartick Adhikari, Indian Statistical Institute

10-03-2017 Khinchin type theorems in Diophantine approximation
Arijit Ganguly, TIFR, Mumbai

06-03-2017 Asymptotic behaviour of Gaussian minima
Arijit Chakraborty, ISI, SMU, Kolkata

06-03-2017 Locally homeomorphisms and simply continuous maps
T. Asanuma, Retd. University of Toyama

03-03-2017 Some Examples of University in Dynamics
Dario Darji, Ashoka University

02-03-2017 An introduction to Brownian web
Rahul Roy, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi

27-02-2017 Quantum Symmetry in Classical and Noncommutative Geometry
Debashish Goswami, ISI, Kolkata

22-02-2017 The free product of planar algebras, and subfactors
Dietmar Bisch, Vanderbilt University, USA

17-02-2017 Some problems on the arithmetic of Elliptic curves over finite fields
Jorge Jimenez Urroz, UPC Barcelona

16-02-2017 primitive roots and malleability of RSA moduli
Jorge Jimenes Urroz, UPC Barcelona

14-02-2017 Ingham inequality and its application to PDF
Debanjana Mitra, Department of Mathematics, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, USA

14-02-2017 Graded twisting of quantum groups, actions, and categories
Makoto Yamashita, Ochanomizu University, Tokyo

06-02-2017 Calculus of Variations with Differential Forms
Saugata Bandyopadhyay, Stat-Math Unit Kolkata

25-01-2017 Function fields with many rational places
Peter Beelen, Technical University of Denmark Copenhagen

25-01-2017 Non-vanishing and sign changes of Hecke eigenvalues for Siegel cusp forms of genus two
J. Sengupta, School of Mathematics TIFR

25-01-2017 Polynomial equations over finite fields
S. Ghorpade, IIT Bombay

20-01-2017 The tau of Ramanujan
Eknath Ghate, TIFR (Mumbai)

19-01-2017 BRW pressed against a hard wall
Rishideep Roy, IIM, Bangalore

09-01-2017 Phase transition for the threshold contact process, an annealed approximation of heterogeneous random Boolean networks
Shirshendu Chatterjee, City University of New York City College

04-01-2017 The commutant mod a normed ideal of an n-tuple of operators
Dan Virgil Voiculescu, University of California, Berkeley USA

02-01-2017 A Glimpse at bi-free probability
Dan Virgil Voiculescu, University of California Berkeley USA

26-12-2016 Hamiltonian flows
Richard Hind, University of Notre Dame, USA

20-12-2016 The Baire classes of a Banach Space
Frederick K. Dashiell, UCLA and Chapman University

19-12-2016 Limiting measure for TASEP with a slow bond
Sourav Sarkar, University of California Berkeley

12-12-2016 Taut foliations in 3-manifolds
Tejas Kalelkar, IISER, Pune

28-11-2016 On Continuous Images of the Cantors Ternary Set
Asit B Raha, ISI Kolkata

21-11-2016 On Controlling Desired Error Rates of Multiple Hypothesis Testing for Sequential Data
Dr. Shyamal Krishna Dey, School of Mathematical Sciences, (NISER), Bhubaneshwar

17-11-2016 Analytical development of basic concepts for the study of Panini’s code for Sanskrit Grammar
G. B. Shrestha, IIT Guwahati

11-11-2016 Orthogonality relation between the Mobius function, additive characters and the squares of the Fourier coefficients of cusp forms.
Ratnadeep Acharya, ISI, SMUK

10-11-2016 Performance analysis of massive MIMO systems under aging channels
Chandra R. Murthy, Electrical communications Engineering IISc Bangalore

07-11-2016 Module approach to operator theory
Jaydeb Sarkar, ISI Bangalore

04-11-2016 Some Strange Results about Universality among Hom-Shifts and Reflection Positivity
Nishant Chandgotia, Tel Aviv University

31-10-2016 Heavy-tailed Random Field from Statistical and Probabilistic Perspective: Branching walks and Stable Fields
Ayan Bhattacharya, SMU, ISI Kolkata

27-10-2016 Large deviations, selecting the best population and multi-armed bandit methods
Sandeep Juneja, TIFR, Mumbai

26-10-2016 Operator Inequalities and a problem on Positive Semigroups.
K B Sinha, JNCASR, Bangalore

25-10-2016 Weyl System for the Hyperbolic plane and the Lindbladian.
Soumalya Joardar, JNCASR, Bangalore

24-10-2016 Laplacian of the Hyperbolic Plane and its diagonalization
K B Sinha, JNCASR, Bangalore

24-10-2016 Strong Law for Urn Models with Random Replacement Matrices
Krishanu Maulik, Indian Statistical Institute, SMUK

21-10-2016 Short average distribution of a prime counting function over families of elliptic curves
Sumit Giri, Tel Aviv University

18-10-2016 Intersection cohomology and t-structures
Vaibhav Vaish, ISI Bangalore

03-10-2016 Continuum random tree as a scaling limit for drainage network models
Kumarjit Saha, TIFR Centre for Applicable Mathematics Bangalore

30-09-2016 Algebraic Groups.
Suvrajit Bhattacharjee, SMU, ISI

29-09-2016 Set Theory, Racks and Legendrian and Transverse Knots
T. V. H Prathamesh, Institute of Mathematical Sciences Chennai

26-09-2016 Euler class groups of affine algebras
Amalendu Krishna, TIFR Mumbai

19-09-2016 On Heisenberg Uniqueness Pairs
Sayan Bagchi, ISI, SMUK

14-09-2016 Structure theorem for entropy solutions of conservation laws .
A. Adimurthi, TIFR-CAM, Bangalore

14-09-2016 Oriented Planar algebras
B Madhav Reddy, Stat-Math Unit Kolkata

14-09-2016 Optimization on Sparse Random Graphs and its Applications
Subhabrata Sen, Stanford University

12-09-2016 Hyperbolic conservation Laws
A. Adimurthi, TIFR-CAM, Bangalore

09-09-2016 Harmonic Analysis on Homogeneous spaces, and the Langlands program.
Dipendra Prasad, TI FR, Mumbai

08-09-2016 Tube algebra of group type subfactors
Narayan Rakshit, Stat-Math Unit Kolkata

05-09-2016 Quartic forms in 37 variables
Pankaj Vishe, Durham University

01-09-2016 The essence of Noncommutative geometry and the concept of dimension.
Partha Sarathi Chakraborty, Institute of Mathematical Sciences

29-08-2016 On the synthetic theory of Ricci curvature bounds: when geometry, probability theory and calculus of variations happily meet
Prof. Cedric Villani, Universite di Lyon and Director, Institut Henri Poincare

26-08-2016 Of triangles, gases, prices and men
Prof. Cedric Villani , Universite di Lyon and Director, Institut Henri Poincare

23-08-2016 On the double-shifted convolution sum of Hecke eigenforms on SL(2, Z)
Saurabh Kumar Singh, Stat-Math, ISI, Kolkata

22-08-2016 Some intriguing properties of the Gaussian Membrane model
Rajat Subhra Hazra, ISI SMUK

12-08-2016 Higher order elliptic problems with critical sobolev growth on a compact riemannian manifold: Best constants and existence.
Saikat Mazumdar, Universite de Lorraine, France

08-08-2016 Nash twist and White noise measure on isometric C^1 maps
Amites Dasgupta, ISI SMU Kolkata

02-08-2016 Zero limit of dissipative-dispersive perturbed conservation laws
Joaquim M.C. Correia, University of, Évora, Évora, Portugal

01-08-2016 Growth curve of Elephant foot yam under moderate to severe stress and plant sensitivity
Ratan Dasgupta , SMU, ISI Kolkata

01-08-2016 Coarse embedding between box spaces
Kajal Das, ENS de Lyon

27-07-2016 High dimensional clustering algorithms based on MADD
Soham Sarkar, Stat-Math Unit, ISI, Kolkata

22-07-2016 Around a theorem of Levinson regarding decay of Fourier transform
Mithun Bhowmik, ISI SMUK

18-07-2016 Multiplicative unitaries for locally compact group
Sutanu Roy, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

11-07-2016 Group actions and non-Kahler complex manifolds
Mainak Poddar , METU NCC

08-07-2016 Embeddings of affine algebraic varieties
Animesh Lahiri , RKMV, SVRC

27-06-2016 Algebra of bipartite graphs
Arindam Bannerjee, Purdue University

22-06-2016 How to recognize a hyperbola?
Avinash Sathaye , University of Kentucky

13-06-2016 A curious property of polynomials
Avinash Sathaye , University of Kentucky

06-06-2016 Extremes of Multi-type Branching Random Walks
Ayan Bhattacharya, SMU, ISI Kolkata

27-05-2016 A Characterization of Sine function
Muna Naik , SMU, ISI Kolkata

23-05-2016 A twisting result in Iwasawa theory
Somnath Jha , IIT Kanpur

16-05-2016 A study of pure subrings and factorially closed subrings of commutative rings
Sagnik Chakraborty , SMU, ISI Kolkata

05-05-2016 Growth curve estimation from auxiliary information
Ratan Dasgupta , ISI SMUK

04-05-2016 Growth and Spectral Bounds for Positive Semigroups
K. B. Sinha , JNCASR, Bangalore

11-04-2016 Nonparametric Quantile and Depth Regression for Functional Data
Joydeep Chowdhury , SMU, ISI Kolkata