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Dr. B. Uma Shankar

My  research interests include Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Fuzzy Sets, Rough Sets,  and Soft Computing with applications to Remote Sensing.

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Academic Qualifications:

bulletPh. D.  Science
bulletM. Sc.  Statistics

       Indian Statistical Institute (ISI)  

My Contact Address:

Machine Intelligence Unit (MIU), ISI,

203 B. T. Road

Kolkata 700 108, INDIA

Tel: (+91) (33) 2575 3107/3100

Fax: (+91) (33) 2578 3357

E-mail:  email.gif (1109 bytes)

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Numerical Recipes(Press et al., books and algorithms in C and Fortran)



Contact- B. Uma Shankar at :email.gif (1109 bytes)

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