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Director's Message



Prof. Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay,
FNA, FIEEE, FNAE, FNASc,JC Bose National Fellow

Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) was once initiated in a small laboratory at the Presidency College, Calcutta, has now grown into a unique institution of higher learning in India. Over the years ISI has defined education and research in the field of statistics and related sciences and technologies not only in India but also around the globe. As a result, the institute has carved its niche in national development and complements its expertise in the growth of public and private sectors. ISI was and still is a unique institution, inspiring the formation of several other Institutes and departments world - wide. In tune with the logo of the Institute , the Banyan tree with its myriad roots, and our motto "Bhinneshvaikasya Darshanam" or Unity in Diversity, ISI has become the cradle of development in statistics, mathematics, computer science, social sciences, Physics and earth sciences, biological sciences, library science and quality control and reliability, and their real-life applications.

ISI has been successful in attracting talented young minds, both as students and faculties. ISI members are conducting cutting-edge fundamental as well as applied research.The faculty members engage in meaningful application-driven research projects with both government and non - government organizations.The Institute has always had the services of a dedicated and internationally renowned team of faculty members, and an equally strong and successful group of alumni that we can be rightfully proud of. Today when the world is actively pursuing research in big and deep data, health care and socio-economic planning, we are uniquely poised to take on these challenges and be world leaders.

Overall, it has been a very satisfying journey of more than eight decades. I strongly believe that with the active cooperation of the entire ISI family – the students, faculties, workers and alumni and with the support of the Government, the institute will attain greater heights of glory.

Director's Report:

3rd Meeting of the Council (2016-2018)

5th Meeting of the Council (2016-2018)

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