The library building is the tallest building in the Baranagore area. It was constructed in three phases. The last phase was completed in 1988. Apart from the library, which is located in the first, second and third floors of the building, the library building houses many classrooms in the fifth and seventh floors. Various academic and service units are also located here. A floorwise list of these units is given below.


Ground Floor:
Reprography & Photography Unit
Audio-Visual Unit
Medical Reimbursement Unit
ISI Cooperative Credit Society
First, Second and Third Floors:
Fourth Floor:
Computer and Statistical Service Centre (CSSC)
Sankhya Office
Fifth Floor:
Dean's Office
International Statistical Education Centre (ISEC)
Placement Office
Sixth Floor:
Social Sciences Division Office
Economic Research Unit (ERU)
Seventh Floor:
External Examinations Office
Eighth Floor:
Applied Statistics Division Office
Applied Statistics Unit (ASU)
Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition Unit (CVPRU)
Ninth Floor:
Applied Statistics Unit (ASU)
Electronics & Communication Sciences Unit (ECSU)

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