In 1950 the Institute purchased about 4 acres of land at 203, B.T. Road. The construction of the building on this land began immediately thereafter. The building was inaugurated by Professor R.A.Fisher in 1951. The Research and Training School (RTS) was subsequently shifted to this building. At that time the building was known as the RTS Building. Apart from the RTS with its laboratories, the International Statistical Education Centre (ISEC), the Electronic Computer Laboratory, the Planning Division, the major part of National Sample Surveys Organisation (NSSO) and the Library were located in the RTS Building for over two decades.

The Institute acted as the host for the 27th session of the International Statistical Institute and the International Statistical Conference in December, 1951. The RTS building provided the venue of a session of the conference. 

The NSSO has since shifted to its own building constructed just outside the northwest boundary of the ISI campus. The library, the computer centre and several other offices have shifted to the Library Building. The RTS has given way to the Theoretical Statistics and Mathematics Division. The RTS Building is now referred to as the Main Building.

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