Abhijit Mandal
Visiting Scientist
Indian Statistical Institute
Kolkata, India

Email: abhijit_v -at- isical.ac.in
            abhijit -at- brain.riken.jp

Phone: +91 8013369529


Professional Experience:




Research Interest:

  • Robust Inference, Asymptotic Theory, Minimum Disparity Inference, Blind Source Separation, Independent Component Analysis, Multivariate Analysis.

Publications (Google Scholar):

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Book Chapter:
  1. A. Basu and A. Mandal (2010). Canonical Correlation. In International Encyclopedia of Education (Third Edition), Penelope Peterson, Eva Baker, and Barry McGaw Eds., Oxford: Elsevier.

Submitted manuscript:
  1. A. Basu, A. Mandal, N. Martin and L. Pardo. Density Power Divergence Tests for Composite Null Hypotheses.

Manuscripts under preparation:
  1. Asymptotics of the Non-parametric Independent Component Analysis (with R. Srivastava and A. Lahiri).

  2. Density Power Divergence Test Statistic for Testing Means of Two Normal Populations (with A. Basu, N. Martin and L. Pardo).

  1. AB-Canonical Analysis or ABCA (Matlab program).

  2. FastICA (R code).

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