Syllabus, Model Paper and Sample Questions for JRF in Computer Science

May 08, 2022 written tests (for ISI Junior Research Fellowship - Channel 1)

Syllabi for Tests CSA and CSB (updated on 26th January, 2022)*

  1. Model question paper : CSA | CSB
  2. Sample questions : CSA | CSB (updated on 26th January, 2022)*

June 06, 2022 written test (for awardee of CSIR/UGC Junior Research Fellowship seeking PhD in Computer Science at ISI - Channel 2)

Syllabus for Test CS2

  1. Model question paper : CS2
  2. Sample questions : CS2

*Summary of changes

  1. [26.01.2022] Combinatorial probability, Conditional probability, Bayes Theorem and applications added to Mathematics for Computer Science section of CSB syllabus.
  2. [26.01.2022] Sample questions for the Computer Science section of the CSB test were inadvertently omitted in the earlier version. These have now been included.
  3. [26.01.2022] A duplicate copy of question M130 of CSB (M138 in the earlier version) has been deleted.