Sponsored Candidates

There is a provision for sponsorship by government, semi-government, public sector undertakings in the following programs:

  1.      1. Master of Science in Quality Management Science
  2.      2. Master of Technology in Computer Science
  3.      3. Master of Technology in Cryptology and Security
  4.      4. Master of Technology in Quality Reliability and Operations Research

General eligibility criteria and qualifying degree for the sponsored candidates remain the same as that for the regular candidates in the respective programs. Furthermore,

  1. (a) A sponsored candidate must be from government/semi-government/government-aided, both national and international. Self-sponsored candidates are not eligible to apply.

  2. (b) Sponsored candidates will have to pay a tuition fee of Rs. 50,000 per semester. They are not eligible for any scholarship/financial support from the Institute.

  3. (c) A sponsored candidate must have been in service of the sponsoring organization for at least two years as on the date of admission to the program. This two years of service experience must have been gained by the candidate after acquiring the requisite qualifying degree of the program into which the candidate is seeking admission.

  4. (d) The sponsoring organization must specifically undertake to pay the necessary tuition fees to the Institute and to relieve the candidate to pursue the program for its full duration.

  5. (e) A certificate from the sponsoring organization, to the effects of points (c) and (d) above, must be provided by the candidate at the time of applying for admission to the corresponding program.

The institute may decide to have a separate selection criteria for the sponsored candidates which will be announced in due course.