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J tutorial

J: a powerful calculator

Here I shall talk about a powerful calculator called J. In fact, it is so powerful that we should better not call it a calculator. It is indeed a powerful general purpose programming language. But it is so concise that it looks more like a calculator than a programming language.

A very brief overview

J is a language available for all major platforms, including android and raspberry. Indeed, when I looked for a language that will allow me to program in my android phone (make 2d, 3d plots, doing math, processing images etc), J won the race over Python (at least for me).

J is a scripting language. Interpreted. Just like R or Python. But it is much easier to use once you get the hang of it. I have been using R for years, and J for a few months. Already I prefer to use J for many scripting problems.

A J program, I must admit, looks like gibberish to anybody new to the language. A Python program will convey some meaning to a C programmer unfamiliar with Python, but J is so very different from the popular languages out there, that you might be discouraged to use J at first.
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