Arpita Patra

Visiting Scientist

Applied Statistics Unit
Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India

E-mail     :    arpita_v AT isical DOT ac DOT in, arpitapatra10 AT gmail DOT com
Address  :    Applied Statistics Unit
                    Indian Statistical Institute  
                    203, B.T. Road, Kolkata 700 108, India

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Brief Biography

I have joined as a visiting scientist at the Applied Statistics Unit of Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India from 1st January 2014. Meanwhile, I am looking for a permanent position in India. Prior to this, I pursued post doctorate with Prof. Nigel Smart at the Department of Computer Science at University of Bristol. I spent an eventful and colorful year as a post doctorate with Prof. Ueli Maurer at the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Prior to my stint at ETH Zurich, I spent a year in the wonderful group of Prof. Ivan Damgaard at the Department of Computer Science (DAIMI) at Aarhus University as a post doctoral researcher. I obtained my PhD degree in Compter Science & Engineering (Specialization: Secure Distributed Computing and Cryptography) from IIT Madras under the supervision of Prof. C. Pandu Rangan. I secured my MS (Master of Science by Research) in Computer Science and Engineering (specialization: Image Processing and Pattern recognition) from IIT Madras in 2006 under the supervision of Dr. Sukhendu Das.

Research Interests

The focus of my research is the theoretical foundations of cryptography that is concerned with the feasibility of securely realizing cryptographic tasks, finding inherent lower bounds on the computational resources that are needed for solving cryptographic tasks and finding resource efficient secure constructions. The resources most often considered are computational complexity (i.e., measuring the time required to compute some cryptographic function like encryption or secure computation of a functionality), round and communication complexity (i.e., the number of rounds and bandwidth required for a secure interactive protocol). The topics of cryptography I have been interested in so far include: Secure Communication, Secure Multiparty Computation, Verifiable Secret Sharing, Adaptive Security, Public Key Encryption, Oblivious Transfer, Zero Knowledge Proofs, Byzantine Agreement and Broadcast.

Professional Activities

Program committee member for the following conferences:

Reviewer for the following conferences and journals: ACM CCS 2013, ASIACRYPT 2013, PKC 2013, CRYPTO 2012, TCC 2012, Crypto 2011, Journal of Cryptology, TCC 2011, INDOCRYPT 2010, ASIACRYPT 2010, PKC 2010, IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, ICITS 2009, ICALP 2009, ACISP 2008, ICITS 2008, ASIACRYPT 2008, CANS 2008.

Teaching Assistantship (2011-2012)

Teaching Assistant for the following courses at ETH Zurich:

Photography & Blogging

I love photography, with a focus on nature photography. I love nature, the most beautiful lady in my eyes. I imbibe all my positive power from her to fight with the real world I am forced to live in. I love to travel alone. That is when, I feel to become a part of the nature. I am happy to share with you my photostream.

My photography skills have been acknowledged. Blogging caught my fancy very recently. As and when the fancy strikes me, I put down my thoughts in this space.