Students (Ph.D.)


bulletMr. Sujoy Madhab Roy (working on Moving object detection and tracking from video images).
bulletMr. Ramkishore Bhattacharyya (working on Data Mining Algorithms for Anomaly Detection from Microarray Gene Expression).
bulletMr. Ajoy Mondal (Thesis title: Online Tracking of Moving Objects from Video Scenes using Classifier). (Thesis submitted)
bulletMr. Aloke Datta (Thesis title: Dimensionality reduction of hyper-spectral images). (Thesis submitted)
bulletMr. K. Ramachandra Murthy (Thesis title:  On eigenspace separation transformation and it's applications to pattern classification) (Thesis submitted)
bulletDr. Harihara Kalia  Thesis title: Multi-objective fuzzy rule mining using genetic algorithm (2015).
bulletDr. Moumita Roy  Thesis title: Semi-supervised neural network for change detection of remotely sensed images (2015).
bulletDr. Badri Narayan Subudhi  Thesis title:  On Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects in Video Scenes (2014).
bulletDr. Anindya Halder,  Thesis title:  Ant Colony Approach for Certain Tasks of Pattern Recognition (2013).
bulletDr. Bhabesh Nath,   Thesis title:  Multi-objective genetic algorithms for data mining (2010).
bulletDr. Swarnajyoti Patra,   Thesis title:  Unsupervised change detection of remote sensing images: a neural approach (2008).

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