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Training  Program On  Geographical  Information  System(GIS)  Software ArcGIS 10.2

One day Training Program on  ArcGIS 10.2, held on 12.03.14, at  ASU Computer Lab in  8th floor, Satyendranath Bose Bhavan, ISI, Kolkata, was organized by  Ms. Kasturi  Basu, in collaboration with NIIT GIS team,  Kolkata. The participants were Prof. Debasis  Sen Gupta, ASU,  Dr. Partha Sarathi  Ghosh, GSU,  Ms. Kasturi Basu, Mrs. Roma Chaudhuri Sahu, Mr. Sukumar Pramanik, all from ASU, Dr. Partha Dey, PSU,  Dr. Prabir Ghosal,  Ms. Arpita  Ganguly  and  Mr. Achyut Banerjee, all  from  Agricultural Science Unit, ISI, Kolkata.

Topics covered : Definition of GIS, GIS functions, Features  and Layers, Vector data, Raster data, Geodatabase, Cartesian Co-ordinate system, Location System: Latitude-Longitude, Map Projections and Distortions, Overlaying  Satellite Image and Base Map, Digitization, Geographic Data Management, Spatial Statistical Analysis using GIS.