Research Activities                           Publications


VLSI Design and Test


    Logic synthesis and testing

   Design for testability

   Built-in self-test (BIST)

   Low-power architecture

   Test and response compaction

   Error correction and fault-tolerance

   Testing of system-on-chip


VLSI Physical Design


   Partitioning, floorplanning, routing, power grid analysis and design,

   interconnect planning, and electronic design automation (EDA)


Nanotechnology and Giga-Scale Integration  


   Design and testing of nanoscale logic circuits, digital microfluidic biochips 


Digital Geometry/Image Processing Architecture/Soft Computing


  On-chip implementation of  (i) combinatorial image features, (ii) CBIR,

  (iii) biometric authentication, (iv) embedded systems for

        soft computing applications


  Theory and applications of digital geometry to combinatorial image analysis and   



Computational Geometry


    CG applications to VLSI physical design



Selected Recent Publications and Patents         Ph.D. Students







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