Source Codes and Important Results

All source codes are written in C language and compiled in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit OS. Download the compressed executable code (e.g. filename.gz) from the corresponding link and then follow the instructions from terminal/console:

$gunzip filename.gz
$chmod 777 filename
$./filename -h

  1. DiGId: Multi-View Kernel Learning Using Genomic Data for Identification of Disease Genes

  2. SeFGeIM: Sequential Feature Generation using Incremental Multiset Canonical Correlation Analysis

  3. ReDMiCA: Regularized Discriminant Multi-View Canonical Correlation Analysis

  4. NormS: Low-Rank Joint Subspace Construction for Cancer Subtype Discovery

  5. ARoSi: Accurate and Robust Skull Stripping Algorithm for Brain MR Volume

  6. FaRoC: Fast and Robust Supervised Canonical Correlation Analysis for Multimodal Omics Data

  7. ScaNGraF: Scalable Non-Linear Graph Fusion for Prioritizing Cancer-Causing Genes

  8. SiFS: Significance and Functional Similarity Criteria for Disease Gene Selection

  9. CuRSaR: CCA Using MRMS Criterion and Rough Sets

  10. RelSim: Integrated Method (GE+PPIN) for Disease Gene Selection

  11. RPrCM: Rough-Probabilistic Clustering and HMRF Model Based Image Segmentation

  12. StoRM: Simultaneous Segmentation and Bias Field Correction in Brain MRI

  13. SoBT-RFW: Brain Tumor Segmentation Method

  14. BMS: Brain MRI Segmentation Method

  15. TGS-MWPRFPC: Text-Graphics Segmentation Method

  16. f-MRMS: f-Information and MRMS Criterion for Feature Selection

  17. cbd-RFC: City Block Distance Based Rough-Fuzzy Clustering

  18. μHEM: Differentially Expressed MicroRNA Selection Method

  19. RC2: Rough Sets and Contraharmonic Mean for Bias Field Correction

  20. rRFCM: Robust Rough-Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm for Clustering

  21. RHEPM: Rough Hypercuboid Approach for Feature Selection

  22. FRSAC: Fuzzy-Rough Supervised Attribute Clustering Algorithm

  23. RSMRMS: Rough Sets and MRMS Criterion for Feature Selection

  24. FRmRMR: Fuzzy-Rough Sets and mRMR Criterion for Feature Selection

  25. f-mRMR: f-Information and mRMR Criterion for Feature Selection

  26. RFPCM: Rough-Fuzzy-Possibilistic C-Means Algorithm

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