Call for Abstracts

Scientists are invited to submit abstracts that address any aspect of the conference's main themes . Junior researchers (PhD students and Post-Docs) are also encouraged to present their current results.

Abstract Submissions Closed.

Please adhere to the following guidelines when preparing your abstract: 

The abstract should have a clear connection to biodiversity related themes for this Conference and should include new information.

The abstract should disclose primary findings about the results and conclusions of the research. Abstracts that state "results will be discussed" will not be accepted.

Click here for general abstract guidelines to help you to write your abstract




An abstract must be no longer than ONE A4 page (21cm x 29.5 cm).

Margins: left: 3.5 cm, all other margins: 3.0 cms; Line spacing: 1; Font: Arial; Point size: 11. Abstracts must conform to the format outlined below:


Title [bold, capitals]

(blank line)

Author(s) [given name and family name]1,2, with presenting author name underlined.

(blank line)

Institutional Affiliation(s) of the author(s) 1,2, [italics, include e-mail address of corresponding author]

(blank line)

Text: The text should not be justified.The text should contain headings such as Objectives, Methods, Results and Discussion as given in the Abstract Format.  


Click here for Sample Abstract


All abstract submissions should be 300 words or less. It is extremely important that the length limit should not be exceeded. Please note the word count at the bottom of the abstract. Abstracts which do not conform to the format guidelines will not be considered.




The abstract should be attached as a Microsoft WORD (.doc) file, and the subject line of the e-mail should read "Abstract for Biodiversity2007".In the text of the message please provide the following Abstract Submission Details in the exact order set out below:

Corresponding Author Name (family name, given name) :
Address (Full mailing address):
Telephone number (include country and area code):
Fax Number (include country and area code):
E-Mail Address:
Abstract Title:
Preferred option: Oral Paper or Poster


Send the message and file []

Confirmation of receipt of your abstract will be sent to the e-mail address provided.All abstracts submitted will be subject to review and acceptance is at the discretion of the Program Scientific Committee. Authors of submitted abstracts are asked to nominate their preferred form of presentation (i.e. oral paper or poster), however the Program Scientific Committee reserves the right to determine the final form of presentation.The Local Organizing Committee will notify the corresponding author of the outcome.