Invited Speakers 

BHARGAVA, PM Vice Chair, National Knowledge Commission, Govt. of India

CHESSON, Peter Professor, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona, USA

CUNNINGHAM ANTHONY B., Director of Ethno ecology Services, Fremantle, Australia working predominantly with WWF/UNESCO/Kew People and Plants Initiative.

DATTA, Asis Director, National Centre for Plant Genome Research, New Delhi

GHOSH, Asish K Director, Centre for Environment and Development, Kolkata

GUPTA, Anil Kasturbhai Lalbhai Chair in Entrepreneurship, Indian Institute of 
Management, Ahmedabad & Executive Vice Chair, National Innovation Foundation & Co-ordinator, SRISTI and Honey Bee Network

MAJUMDAR, P P Professor & Head, Human Genetics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata & founder Director, Centre for Population Genomics, Kolkata

McNEELY, Jeffrey Chief Scientist, IUCN -The World Conservation Union, Switzerland.

PATIL, GP Director, Center for Statistical Ecology and Environmental Statistics, Penn State, USA

ROY, PS Deputy Director (Remote Sensing & GIS), National Remote Sensing Agency & Deputy Director, Centre for Space Science and Technology Application in Asia & the Pacific (Affiliated to UN)

SWAMINATHAN, MS Chairperson, National Commission on Farmers, Govt. of India