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FOGSAA is specially suitable for long and highly similar sequences. The experimental results show that it saves (70- 90)% time for highly similar sequences (> 80% similarity ) and for sequences having (3-80)% similarity, FOGSAA is (5-70)% faster over the standard methods.

With respect to the quality of the alignment, FOGSAA is far better (22:8% -53%) than other methods like ACANA, AVID, ClustalW and GAP3.

FOGSAA provides a good balance of running time and alignment quality.

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Fast Optimal Global Sequence Alignment

Sequence alignment algorithms are widely used to infer similarirty
and the point of differences between pair of sequences. FOGSAA is a
 fast Global alignment algorithm. It is basically a branch and 
bound approach which starts branch expansion in a greedy way 
taking the symbols from the given pair of sequences (protein or
 nucleotide) and results in an optimal alignment faster than 
conventional dymanic programming techniques. It is also better 
than the heuristic methods with respect to alignment quality.

	     Obtaining high quality sequence alignment as well as
 minimizing the running time, is a real challenge in 
bioinformatics. FOGSAA is an invention in this direction.

Designed And Maintained By Angana Chakraborty, Senior Research Fellow (ISI),Machine Intelligence Unit,Kolkata
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Fast Optimal Global Sequence Alignment