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If you love Mathematics, Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) is the right place for you!

Undergraduate Programmes:

B. Math. (Hons.) at Bangalore

Did you know?

* The course has no fees. In fact, all admitted candidates get stipend of Rs. 3000/- per month and contingency grant of Rs   3000/- per annum.
* In the Admission Test, you are only tested in Mathematics!

Eligibility: 10+2 years of Higher Secondary Education (or its equivalent) with Mathematics and English as subjects of                  study.
                 * Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO) awardees of any previous year need not sit for the written                   test; they would be directly called for interview.

After B Math:

* Higher Studies in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematical Physics.
* Jobs in research institutions and scientific laboratories, governmentdepartments or industries.


All the courses listed below except the course on Writing of Mathematics are allocated four lecture sessions per week.

First Year
Semester I Semester II
1. Analysis I (Calculus of one variable) 1. Analysis II (Metric spaces and Multivariate Calculus)
2. Probability Theory I 2. Probability Theory II
3. Algebra I (Groups and Rings) 3. Algebra II (Linear Algebra)
4. Physics I (Mechanics of particles and uids) 4. Physics II (Thermodynamics and Optics)
5. Writing of Mathematics (non-credit course)  

Second Year
Semester I Semester II
1. Analysis III (Vector Calculus) 1. Analysis IV (Introduction to Function Spaces)
2. Algebra III (Rings and Modules) 2. Algebra IV (Field Theory)
3. Statistics I 3. Statistics II
4. Physics III (Electromagnetism and Electrodynamics) 4. Optimization
5. Computer Science I (Programming) 5. Computer Science II (Numerical Methods)

Third Year
Semester I Semester II
1. Complex Analysi 1. Combinatorics and Graph theor
2. Introduction to Di erential Geometr 2. Introduction to Representation Theor
3. Introduction to Di erential Equation 3. Physics I (Modern Physics and Quantum Mechanics)
4. Statistics III 4. Elective subject II
5. Elective subject I 5. Elective subject III


Elective subjects can be chosen from the following list:

  1. Topology
  2. Introduction to Algebraic Geometry
  3. Introduction to Algebraic Number Theory
  4. Diferential Geometry II
  5. Introduction to Di erential Topology
  6. Introduction to Dynamical systems
  7. Probability III (Introduction to Stochastic Processes)
  8. Statistics IV
  9. Statistics V
  10. Mathematics of Computation
  11. Computer Science III (Data Structures)
  12. Computer Science IV (Design and Analysis of Algorithms)

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