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An Interdisciplinary Workshop on

Machine Learning for Cryptology

(ML4Crypto 2022)

December 15-16, 2022

Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

Organized by:

Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (CAIML), ISI Kolkata
Scientific Analysis Group (SAG), DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Government of India

The Workshop

In recent years, Cryptography and Machine Learning have experienced a new level of handshaking. In Machine Learning, we aim to recognize patterns from the data, whereas in Cryptography, we aim to hide the patterns. So, a better Cryptographic approach should impose a more challenging pattern recognition task to a Machine Learning model. Hence, the Machine Learning approaches may play pivotal roles in testing the hardness of cryptographic approaches. There lies immense promise in applying Machine Learning toward Cryptanalysis.

The primary objective is to foster stimulating deliberation on the recent advances in applications of machine learning for cryptanalysis including how the synergistic interaction between machine learning and cryptography can be further exploited to advance either field. Research experts from academia and government organizations will make the participants aware of the role of Machine Learning in Cryptography. The participants will benefit from the interactions with the speakers who are acclaimed researchers and practitioners in the field of Cryptography and Machine Learning. Interactions of the participants with these renowned speakers of the domain will not only meet the technical quests of young minds of Indian students, researchers and practitioners but also possibly open up avenues for future collaboration.

Speakers and Program Details

The workshop (to be organized in an offline mode) will be inaugurated in the morning on December 15, 2022. This will be followed by technical sessions spanning over two days. In total, there will be 3 technical sessions of approximately 2.5hrs each. The post-lunch session on December 16, 2022 is kept reserved for networking and valedictory ceremony.

There will be a Data Science Challenge as a part of the workshop. This will be organized in the afternoon on December 15, 2022.

The speakers will be leading academicians and researchers from government organizations and industry. The list of speakers confirmed as of now are as follows:

The final program schedule is available [HERE]

Organizing Committee

Chief Patrons:

Workshop Co-chairs:

Organizing Committee:

Application Process

To be a participant of the workshop, fill this application form.

Eligibility: The workshop is targeted for the students, researchers and industry professionals who have some background either in Cryptography or Machine Learning. Students pursuing post-graduate or doctoral studies in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science or related fields, academicians and industry professionals are encouraged to apply. Selected candidates will be informed by email with other instructions. The decision of the Workshop committee about the suitability of a candidate for the workshop will be final and further queries will not be entertained in this regard.

There is no registrataion fee for participating in the workshop. However, the application is to be made in due time.

Deadline for application: November 10, 2022; Notification: November 22, 2022.

Data Science Challenge

To take part in the Data Science Challenge and download the data, apply through here.

Eligibility: The Data Science Challenge is targeted for the students, researchers and industry professionals who are acquainted with Cryptography and Machine Learning. The registrants for this challenge need not to apply separately for the workshop. The final submission has to be made on behalf of a team (with one or more members).

Best performing teams will be intimated by email with other instructions to present their model and results in the workshop. The training data will be made available during the registration. The trained model is to be submitted by sharing the codes. The submitted model will be tested on an independent test dataset. There is no registrataion fee for participating in the Data Science Challenge. However, the application is to be made in due time.

Registration opens: November 14, 2022; Registration closes: November 30, 2022; Final submission: December 08, 2022.


This workshop is sponsored by the Indian Statistical Institute and Defence Research and Development Organisation.


Contact for any queries

Email: caiml@isical.ac.in
CAIML, ISI Kolkata, 203 B.T. Road, Kolkata - 700108