Central Purchase Committee

Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

The major functions of the Central Purchase Committee are:

  • Selecting vendors for procurement of General Stores/Goods items above Rs. 25,000/-,
  • Selecting vendors for procurement of Computers and Computer Peripherals above Rs. 2,50,000/-,
  • Making rate contracts with manufacturers or manufacturer-recommended vendors for certain common use computer peripherals,
  • Selecting vendors for all kinds of Maintenance Agreements,
  • Suggesting modifications on specification(s) of all above stated items,
  • Enlisting vendors for General Stores/Goods items and Computer Peripherals,
  • Processing purchase requisition through the Government e-Market (GeM) Portal.
  • However, Financial approval for any purchase is to be obtained from the competent authority (depending on the sanctioning limit) in the specific Requisition Forms.

    The Chairperson will accord financial sanction to all bills of expenditure approved by the CPC. The Chairperson will also be the signatory on behalf of the Institute for rate contracts and maintenance aggreements.

    The purchase of goods and services through the CPC will be strictly as per the provisions of GFR 2017.