Controlling breath

Guided visualization

Using imagery with 5 senses

Controlling breath

Difficulty in concentration is a major problem to the children who perform more mistakes in mathematics. They may practice Yoga or meditation to control their concentration level. Here is a simple exercise. It includes 3 stages:

Stage 1:
Sit upright in a calm and comfortable room with no tight dress. If possible, sit in cross legged position. Close your eyes. Breath deeply in and out. Concentrate on the physiological changes (movement of chest, abdomen etc. ) inside your body. Slowly count from 1 to 15.

Stage 2:
Being in same posture, count from 16 to 30 slowly with each rhythm of your deep breath. For example, count 16 during breath in and 17 during breath out etc.

Stage 3:
Being in same posture, count from 31 to 45 slowly with deep breath. But count the number when you breath out only.Just after 45 count from 10 to 1 and end the exercise.

You may feel relaxed feeling in every muscle of your body after the exercise. This exercise may be practiced in lying position also. Same exercise can be introduced in the school also under the expert guide.

I get very good response by using the above exercise from my clients. Please reply your feelings.

Guided visualization

   Guided visualization has many of the same benefits. A parent can guide the child through the exercise
   with visualization. A technique often used, if there is no fear of heights or elevators, is to have the
   child close his or her eyes while the guide asks the child to imagine that they are in the very top of a
   tall building. A script might go something like this:

   You are up very high in a building. You look out of the window and you can see blue sky with white
   clouds for miles and miles. You feel relaxed and happy. You go into the elevator where there is a
   comfortable chair. You sit in the chair and let your muscles go soft and loose. You feel calm. You
   start to breathe slower. You feel relaxed all over. You are very comfortable.

   You are on the fifteenth floor. You feel the elevator start to go down to the main floor. You are so
   quiet that you can hear yourselves breathe. You can feel your chest move slowly in and out.

   The script would go on with a reinforcing message on each floor. The message can be tailored to the
   individual's interests and needs. (i.e. "As you see the numbers on the elevator panel, you realize that
   you are learning more and more about math everyday.") At the 4th floor or so the guide can prepare
   the child (or adult) for the main floor by sending messages of well being and positive self esteem. By
   the main floor the elevator passenger should feel relaxed and at ease.

   I used this technique with my children when they were upset, hurt, or unable to sleep. I still use it with
   myself when I need a quick break.

   The technique can be adapted to the individual by using the visualization of a warm bath, a peaceful,
   shady glade, or a beach with the sound of the surf. This is a technique familiar with many who choose
   to use natural childbirth and can be very effective.

Using imagery with 5 senses

Not only visualization, you can use other sense organs also like hearing, smelling, taste and touch.Give following suggestions to your child:

Lie down, loose your dress, close your eyes, do not open until I told to do so. Take deep breath, hold for brief second and take out slowly, if possible, count from 1 to 5.

After 10 cycles of breath, instruct him/her the followings :Imagine that you are lying on the sea shore, no body is there, imagine that there is a clear sky, it appears blue, the sun rays fall on you, you are feeling some calm and quite feeling. It is soothing your all muscles (tell each part of the body ) from feet to head. Imagine that sea waves are slowly coming to you and it is touching your feet, and your body, you are feeling some soothing sensation. You are getting some smell of sea waves and it is different from other things. You can listen the sound of sea waves, you feel and enjoy it, sometimes, some waves are covering you and slowly they are going back. Sea water sometimes is going inside your mouth and it tastes salty.

Now, slowly open your eyes. Please Pay attention to the followings:
         1. Do not go to the next stage until your child visualizes fully the present stage.
         2. Read the suggestion very slowly
         3. Keep her/him at each stage at least 10 seconds.
         4. If he has no experience in sea then use flower for guided visualization.