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Work motivation is a process to energize employee to the work goal  through a specific path

Process This is not an object rather method or technique or art
Energize Developing inner urge to put effort on successful performance.
Employee Person employed to exchange his  cognitive, affective and conative domains for achievement of  organizational goal for salary etc. as contracted by the organization.
Work goal This is well defined, achievable and  measurable
Path Specific roles and job responsibilities  are measurable and related to goal achievement.



Attitude to employees Considering employee as cog of the machine rather as a human system having unique needs, abilities, personality traits, values, aptitudes, skills etc. 
Work Goal  Undefined, unachievable and unmeasurable
Path  Job responsibilities are undefined, unachievable,  unmeasurable and unrelated to work goal. 
Leadership Leadership failure in manipulation of incentives.
Third party Influence of informal communication systems through colleagues, unions and family members. 


Job Analysis More emphasis on personnel specification and regression analysis to determine weightage on job related individual characteristics.
Human resource accounting Accounting IQ, EQ, personality traits, aptitude profiles of each employee.
Selection  Selecting right man for right place at the right time.
Attitude change Employee as human system having specific needs, aptitudes, temperament, attitudes towards job and the organization.
Role clarity Well defined job description and work roles. Introduce role drama for role understanding for both lower level employees and the managers.
Training Periodical training to the employees about upgradation of skills, work role analysis and to the leaders about leadership development (communication, manipulation of incentives, decision making etc).
Survey Periodical survey to study level of employee satisfaction , attitude towards organizational health and their relations to individual productivity and quality of working life for organizational diagnosis.. Introduce organization development programmes for attitude change in considering results of regression analysis.
Work culture Introduce quality circle, suggestion box system, and intermingle organization to the life style of the employees.


Above includes summary points of lecture given to the senior executives of the Hindustan Copper Limited, Ghatshila, India and the IIM, Ghatshila chapter by the invitation of Mr. N.K.Gami, Deputy General Manager (Personnel), dated.17.11.2001.

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