Organised jointly by :

Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata


Centre for Applied Mathematics and Computational Science (CAMCS),
Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata.


Econophysics is an interdisciplinary development involving economists and physicists according to "Econophysics" in the New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics (2nd Edition, Palgrave Macmillan, New York, 2008 Vol.2, pp. 729-732). The entry there refers also the proceedings of the Econphys-Kolkata I Workshop.

In this fourth meeting of the series, we intend to have discussions on the games and social choices. The primary goal of this workshop is to bring together active researchers from varied communities (economists, financial analysts, mathematicians, physicists, statisticians) working in the field, for discussions and exchange of ideas.

The Editorial Board of the `New Economic Windows Series` of Springer has tentatively agreed to publish the Proceedings of this Workshop.

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