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Indian Statistical Institute

The Kolkata campus of the Indian Statistical Institute is located in a sprawling 30-acre estate on the Barrackpore Trunk Road (B.T. Road) in the Baranagore suburb of Greater Kolkata. It consists of two approximately equal parts - the office complex and the residential complex, - separated by a public road. This road (Girish Chand Ghosh Street) connects B.T. Road with Gopal Lal Tagore Road, a road which runs along the western boundary of the main campus. The office complex bears door numbers 202, 203 and 204, and the residential complex, 205 and 206. There is no connection between the two parts of the campus; to move between the residential and office complexes, one has to come out on B.T. Road and enter the other campus. There is also a narrow public road that separates 202 and 203 B.T. Road. There is however, a direct connection between these two premises.

Weather :

March will be early summer in this part of the world. The temperature is not expected to go below 21 C, and above 34 C.

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About Kolkata:
Kolkata lies to the eastern part of India, on the banks of the river Hooghly, about 100 kms away from the Bay of Bengal. The city has been a centre of education, art, culture and political movement. It has its own life quite different from most parts of India, with the inhabitants being famous for their warm hospitality.
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Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics

The City of Kolkata and a Select-Few Who Brought Her Fame and Dignity:
  ¤ Kolkata, The City
  ¤ Rabindranath Tagore [1861-1941]   ¤ Satyendra Nath Bose [1894-1974]
  ¤ Swami Vivekananda [1863-1902]   ¤ Mother Teresa [1910-1997]
  ¤ Prof. Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis [1893-1972]   ¤ Satyajit Ray [1921-1992]