July 03, 2017: Pulak Purkait

Single-frame Rolling Shutter Compensation

Pulak Purkait
Toshiba Research Europe Ltd.
Cambridge, UK
Date: Monday, July 03, 2017
Time: 12:00 HRS
Venue: ECSU Seminar Room, 9th Floor, S N Bose Bhavan  (Library Building)
A vast majority of consumer cameras operate the rolling shutter mechanism, which often produces distorted images due to inter-row delay while capturing an image. In this talk, I will discuss a novel method for the rolling shutter motion compensation which leverages geometric properties of the scene-in particular vanishing directions-to estimate the camera motion during the exposure from a single distorted image. The proposed method jointly estimates the orthogonal vanishing directions and the camera motion. I will also discuss, a minimal solver which assumes known vertical direction of the camera. Thanks to the Ackermann motion model of vehicles which consists of only two motion parameters, and two parameters for the simplified depth assumption that lead to a 4-line algorithm. The proposed minimal solver, in conjunction with RANSAC, estimates the rolling shutter camera motion efficiently and accurately.
All are cordially invited.
Dipti Prasad Mukherjee
Head, Electronics and Communication Sciences Unit
Indian Statistical Institute