The motivation of Heritage Preservation mission is based on the ideology that the art and artifacts of the past should be respected and cared for. Digital restoration of archaeological objects is useful and efficient because it generates the original look without actually changing the object from its present form as it is a non-invasive technique.

Hampi or Pampa Kshetra, as it has been known from time immemorial or Vijayanagara, to use its grander epithet, is a name to conjure with. It is recognition as World Heritage Site is well earned. The recent celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Coronation of Emperor Krishnadevaraya has brought further limelight to the once forgotten empire. A major initiative of DST, Govt. of India through its arm, NRDMS, has brought together 12 technology teams drawn from some of the finest institutions and 11 culture teams representing diverse domains of knowledge to re-create Hampi in a digital environment.

The workshop will bring together the technology researchers and a distinguished group of domain experts whose lectures are intended to establish new and exciting directions for restoring archaeological objects digitally. More specially, this workshop provides a platform for interactions among mathematicians, engineers, heritage artifacts preservation, experts and artists. This event is foreseen to be a useful endeavor to achieve overall goal.

The workshop will consist of invited talks and a poster session. Research students/stuffs are highly encouraged to present poster. The workshop will cover the following topics but not limited to:

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Students and researchers working in IDH project are encouraged to submit short paper (not more than one page) for poster presentation and best poster will be awarded.