Assistance at the Airport

Those who have paid for airport transfer, they will be picked up at the airport.

Our volunteers will also meet  other delegates outside the terminal exit near the barricade (for both domestic and international respectively).

They will hold the Fuzz-IEEE 2013 board.  For assistance with taxi or any other issues, you can approach the volunteers.

They can  be also contacted over phone in case of any assistance at the airport :

1)    For all flight arriving on 6th July (between 0600 – 1800 hrs) - Mr. Venkatesh Mobile No : 09848326238

2)    For all flight arriving on 6th July (between 1800 – 0600 hrs of 7th July) - Mr. Karunanidhi Mobile No : 09848021311

3)    For all flight arriving on 7th July (between 0600 – 1800 hrs) - Mr. Venkatesh Mobile No : 09848326238

4)    For all flight arriving on 7th July (between 1800 – 0600 hrs of 8th July) - Mr. Karunanidhi Mobile No : 09848021311

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