Paper Formatting Instructions

I. Paper Format

Number of Pages: Maximum 8 pages, including figures, tables & references (Additional pages will be permitted at the cost of US $100 per additional page)

Page Size: U.S. Letter format (8.5" x 11")

Page Numbering: Off

File Format: PDF only

File Size: 4MB maximum

Abstract: The abstract should be a meaningful description of your work.

Index Terms: Use 3 - 8 keywords

Color: Use of color is encouraged, but since readers may print the papers in black and white, it is the authors’ responsibility to ensure that all figures/plots can be understood when printed in black and white.

II. Templates

To ensure correct formatting of your manuscript, please use the style files for U.S. Letter Size found at

Violations of any of the above manuscript specifications may result in rejection of your manuscript.

III. Submission

Please use the Link which is mentioned in the acceptance letter that was sent earlier.

IV. Policy on Plagiarism

All papers submitted to FUZZ-IEEE 2013 will be checked for plagiarism including self-plagiarism. If a paper is found to suffer from this problem, then that paper will be automatically rejected. A list of Authors of the papers rejected for plagiarism will be forwarded to the IEEE.

V. Policy on Conflict of Interest

Policy for submitting papers by special session organizers to their special session A special session organizer may choose to submit a paper to his/her own special session. The paper should choose the "Conflict of interest" topic as the main topic from the drop down list on the submission webpage. These papers will not be managed by the special session organizers. Such papers will be handled by the Program Chair of the conference. The special session organizer will not have access to the identity of the reviewers who reviewed his/her paper. If the paper is accepted, it will be scheduled in the program with other papers in that special session.

However, if a special session organizer submits a paper in another special session that is organized by someone else, then that paper is not a “Conflict of interest paper”.

Policy for submitting papers by the General Chair, the Program Chair, or by any of the three Co-Program Chairs Any manuscript submitted by the General Chair, the Program Chair, or any of the Co-Program Chairs must choose "Conflict of interest" from the main topic from the drop down list on the submission webpage. These papers will be managed by an independent chair outside the review management system. The independent chair for Fuzz-IEEE 2013 is Prof. Gary Fogel.

Decisions made by Prof. Fogel on these papers will be final.

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