Short bio:

Dr.Garga Chatterjee graduated in Medicine (MBBS) from Medical College, University of Calcutta (1999-2005). His received his PhD from Harvard University (2006-2011) in the Cognition, Brain and Behavior track at the Vision Sciences Lab headed by Prof.Ken Nakayama. Thereafter, he did his post-doctoral training at the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the lab of Prof.Pawan Sinha (2011-2014).

Professional roles:

Member of Editorial Board as Review Editor in Cognitive Science, part of the journal(s) Frontiers in Psychology.


Convener, Review Committee for Protection of Research Risks to Humans

Previous academic & professional qualifications:

2011 – 2014: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2012 – 2013: Lecturer, Lesley University

2011 – 2013: Teaching Fellow and Visiting Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Psychology, Harvard University

2011: Postdoctoral Research scholar, Wellesley College

2011: Doctor of Philosophy – Psychology (Cognition, Bain and Behavior) (PhD from Harvard University)

2009: Master of Arts in Psychology – Cognition, Brain and Behavior (A.M. from Harvard University * Degrees in all disciplines in the School of Arts and Sciences are named after the ‘Arts’)

2005: Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery with First Class (M.B.,B.S., from Medical College, University of Calcutta)

1999: Ranked 2nd in the merit list of West Bengal Joint Entrance examination (WBJEE)

1999: Passed Higher Secondary Examination

1997: Passed West Bengal Secondary examination (*Ranked 14th in West Bengal).

Teaching experience:

2015: Introduction to Cognitive Science ( Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata)
2013: Guest lecturer in Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s course 9.675 titled “The Development of Object and Face Recognition“
2013: Invited faculty in the 1st Resonance Summer School in Neuroscience, to be held in New Delhi in June-July 2013 – a three-way collaboration between Harvard, MIT and IIT-Delhi.

2012: Introduction to Psychology (as Lecturer in Lesley University)

2009-2012: Senior Thesis Workshop leader – Harvard University program in Mind, Brain and Behavior

2009-2012: Methods of Behavioral research (in different years with Prof. George Alvarez, Prof. Ken Nakayama, Dr. Justin Lehmiller and Dr. Christine Ma Kellams)

2008-2009: The Human Mind- Introduction to Mind, Brain and Behavior (in different years with Prof. Steven Pinker and Prof.Jason P Mitchell)

2007: Psychopharmacology – Your Brain on Drugs (with Prof. Scott E Lukas)

2008-present: Non-Resident Tutor in Psychology (Lowell House and Winthrop House, Harvard University)

Pre-PhD research experience:

2005: RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan with Dr.Manabu Tanifuji (Integrative Neural Systems Lab)

2004: New York University (NYU) with Dr.Denis G Pelli (Visual Perception Lab)

2003-2005: Medical College, University of Calcutta with Dr.Subhash Chandra Mukherjee, Professor of Neurology

2002-2004: NCBS (TIFR), Bangalore with Dr.Sumantra (Shona) Chattarji