Postdoctoral Scholars

Neloy Kumar Chakroborty, PhD (Free University, Berlin, Germany)


I completed my Bachelor’s degree in microbiology and my Master’s degree in biophysics, molecular biology, and genetics (interdisciplinary) from the University of Calcutta, Kolkata. I received my Ph.D. in neuroscience from Freie University Berlin, Germany (2008-2012), where I worked with the honeybee neurobiology group headed by Prof. Randolf Menzel. In 2013, I returned to India and joined the Drosophila neurobiology lab of Dr. Amitava Majumdar’s at NBRC (National Brain Research Center), Gurgaon. Currently, I am doing my second post-doc in ‘The Chatterjee Brain and Cognition Lab’ at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.

I am fascinated by the processes that brain employ to learn and form long-lasting memories of stimuli that animals encounter in course of their life time. During my doctorate, I investigated how the brain of a honeybee (Apis mellifera) learns and memorizes odor information in the field and in the context of laboratory environment? In my first as well as currently in my second post-doc I am continuing my research to understand the brain mechanisms specified for learning and memorizing different types of sensory stimuli.

I am big fan of traditional food! from any nation or socio-cultural group. I love to cook and I feel satisfied to see others eating and secreting dopamine in their brain (mark of satisfaction). In addition, I am also a ’round-the-year-gardener’ of the roof-top garden in our house.

Lakshmi Sugavaneswaran, PhD (Ryerson University, Canada)


I am currently a post-doctoral researcher at Dr. Chatterjee’s Brain and Cognition Lab at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, working under the supervision of Dr. Garga Chatterjee. Prior to my venture at the ISI, I worked as a post-doctoral research fellow at the Signal Analysis Research lab, Ryerson University, Canada and Peter Munk Cardiac Centre,Toronto General Hospital under the supervisions of Prof. Sridhar Krishnan and Dr. Vijay Chauhan respectively. I completed her M.A.Sc thesis at Concordia University, Montreal under the esteemed guidance of Prof. M.N.S. Swamy and Prof. C. Wang and Ph.D at Ryerson University, Toronto under the supervision of Prof. S. Krishnan and Dr. K. Umapathy.

During my doctoral and post-doctoral studies, I worked extensively on developing robust characterization tools for time-varying biomedical signals in the ambiguity domain, investigation of repolarization and depolarization mechanisms pertaining to cardiac fibrillations, biomedical signal analysis, image compression, bioinformatics and structural proteomics. My current research activities include facial image analysis for age-gender prediction, image processing, skin colour studies and cognitive testing experiments.

Outside of research, I am a voracious reader with passions ranging from swimming, learning new languages, pranic healing, mastering piano to yoga.

Madhushree Chakrabarty, PhD (Jadavpur University, India)


I did my MA (Linguistics) from University of Calcutta and PhD from Jadavpur University (with fellowship from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata). At present, I am a DST (CSRI) Postdoctoral Fellow, Indian statistical Institute.

I am interested in Neurolinguistics in general and Pragmatic disorders in particular. I am presently exploring pragmatic deficits in patients with schizophrenia and right hemisphere damage.

Music and Poetry keeps my company in my solitude.

Tanusree Moitra, PhD (University of Calcutta, India)


My research interests focus on nature and pattern of juvenile crime in India. This includes investigating the individual – level factors of crime such as familial, personality, affective and cognitive aspects of a juvenile. My research focuses on the prevention of crime and delinquency, with an emphasis on the development of a test battery to be used by the juvenile justice system in India. I have received doctoral fellowship from Bureau of Police, Research & Development, Govt. of India, for my research on juvenile delinquents. I am UGC – NET qualified fellow and currently I have received Postdoctoral fellowship from Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India for my research on juvenile delinquency. I want to extend my research in the area of cognitive neuroscience. As I believe a detailed picture of the disorder will help me to develop effective treatment strategies in future.
Apart from my research interests, I practice meditation, love to spend time with my children and to
watch movies.