Detection and Tracking of Point Targets

Uday B. Desai S. N. Merchant Mukesh A. Zaveri

SPANN Lab, Electrical Engineering Dept., IIT Bombay - 400076.

Emails: [ubdesai,merchant,mazaveri]



Detection and tracking of point targets in an infrared image sequence is important for surveillance applications. In this paper an algorithm is proposed which provides a complete solution (track while scan) for detection and tracking for IRST system. The proposed method uses motion as a cue to detect target, which is independent of any feature. Detection is followed by tracking. In a real scenario, the movement of a target is arbitrary and no apriori information is available. We proposed a tracking method which tracks maneuvering and non-maneuvering targets simultaneously using a filter bank. The switch-over amongst the filters is based on a single-step decision logic.

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