Tentative Time Table


Date 9:00-10:30Hrs Tea 10:45-13:00Hrs 14:00-15:30Hrs Tea 15:45-17:00Hrs Tea 17:15-18:30Hrs
Dec. 11

Conference Inauguration (09:30-10:30 Hrs)

Tea Plenary and Invited Talks Lunch IP I: IP59, IP64, IP113, IP199, AS26 Tea IC: IP5, IP70, IP178, PR105, PR155 Tea CV: IP48, IP124, IP127, IP168, PR35
PC: PR135, PR179, FL67, PR144, PR36 Tea NN: AS96, IP203, NN11, NN60, NN188 Tea FL: FL74, FL93, FL116, FL189, FL196, FL201
Dec. 12 IPA: IP94, IP134, PR140,  PR80, IP153, PR88 Tea Plenary and Invited Talks Lunch MA: IP90, IP102, IP137, IP190, IP146 Tea DIA: IP68, IP69, IP121, IP193, PR164 Tea WM: IP87, IP141, IP149, IP156, IP175
SSP: FL21, NN180, PR30, PR98, PR115 Tea PR: PR19, PR22, PR62, PR103, PR170 Tea PRA: PR 006, PR92, PR165, IP186
Dec. 13 CI: CI13, FL54, FL136, NN20, NN51, FL117 Tea Plenary and  Invited Talks Lunch BIP: IP45, IP106, PR158, PR53, PR66 Tea CBIR: IP10, IP15, IP40, IP114, PR57 Tea
IP II: IP34, IP38, IP79, IP138, IP160


  1. Registration will start from 15:00 Hrs on December 10, 2003 at ECSU Seminar Room, Library Building (9th Floor).
  2. The duration for presentation of  each contributed paper will be 15 minutes. 

  3. The computer (with PowerPoint), LCD video projector and overhead projector (for transparencies) will be available for presentation. For any additional equipment,  please contact ICAPR03 secretariat (icapr03@isical.ac.in) as soon as possible.

  4. The Conference Banquet will be held in the evening of December 12, 2003.  

  5. The Conference Inauguration will be held on December 11, 2003 (09:30-10:30 Hrs) at Geology Auditorium. 



BIP - Biomedical Image Processing

MA - Motion Analysis

CBIR - Content Based Image Retrieval 

NN - Neural Networks

CI - Computational Intelligence

PC - Pattern Clustering 

CV - Computer Vision

PLIV Plenary Talk and Invited Talk

DIA - Document Image Analysis

PR - Pattern Recognition 

FL - Fuzzy Logic

PRA - Pattern Recognition Applications 

IC - Image Compression

SSP Speech Signal Processing

IP - Image Processing

WM Watermarking

IPA - Image Processing Applications 


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