Main campus

The Kolkata campus of the Indian Statistical Institute is located in a sprawling 30-acre estate on the Barrackpore Trunk Road (B.T. Road) in the Baranagore suburb of Greater Kolkata. It consists of two approximately equal parts - the office complex and the residential complex, - separated by a public road. This road (Girish Chand Ghosh Street) connects B.T. Road with Gopal Lal Tagore Road, a road that runs along the western boundary of the main campus. The office complex bears door numbers 202, 203 and 204, and the residential complex, 205 and 206. There is a subway connecting the two parts of the campus - residential and office complexes; to move between the residential and office complexes, one does not have to come out on B.T. Road and enter the other campus.

                         Main Entrance of Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata campus


The principal buildings in the office complex are the R A Fisher Bhavan (Main Building), the Pamela Robinson Bhavan (Geology Building), the A N Kolmogorov Bhavan (New Academic Building), the S N Bose Bhavan (Library Building), the P N Haksar Bhavan (Administration Building) and the Amrapali. The residential campus at 205 and 206 B.T. Road premises includes, apart from several staff quarters, the Guest House, the Medical Welfare Unit, the Boys' Hostel, the Research Scholars' and ISEC hostel, the Ladies hostel, and parts of several service units. Some residential quarters are located in Deluxe Garden, an enclave located on the west side of the Gopal Lal Tagore Road, near the office campus. ISI also owns Gupta Nivas, a property located on the east side of B.T. Road, north of the office campus. This building has a remarkable history, but is no longer in use.

           Library Building                 New Academic Building                                New Guest House

Conference Venue

The ICAPR07 will be held on the Geology Auditorium which is situated on the 2nd floor of the Pamela Robinson Bhavan (Geology Building). The registration will take place in the SQC seminar room located in the 3rd floor of the same building.

How to reach ISI Kolkata Campus

The ISI campus lies five kilometers North of the Shyambazar five-point crossing. If you are coming from the airport, drive towards Dunlop Bridge (via Nager Bazar and Chiria More). If you are coming from the downtown area or one of the railway stations, you will have to drive past Shyambazar and Chiria More. As you approach Dunlop Bridge, the boundary wall of the ISI campus will be visible on your left. The residential campus is at the Bus Stop called Bon Hooghly and the office campus is at the Bus Stop called ISI or Statistical. The Bus Stop further to the Statistical Bus Stop is Dunlop Bridge, which is an important landmark. Dunlop Bridge is also a useful way of describing the general destination when you are asking for directions.

If you miss the ISI gates and reach the Dunlop Bridge intersection, take an about turn and walk down the B T Road. The ISI campus will be on your right. The first entrance on your right leads you straight into the R A Fisher Bhavan (Main Building).


If you are coming from the airport or one of the railway stations, it is better to hire a taxi from the prepaid taxi booth. The prepaid taxi fare is marginally higher than normal (approximately Rs. 160 from the airport, Rs. 150 from Howrah, and Rs. 120 from Sealdah) but it is a surer and safer mode of transport. While hiring a prepaid taxi, mention Dunlop Bridge as your destination.

Meter information (as of July, 2006):

Mechanical meters (an old box attached outside the cab):
Initial Reading: Rs. 5.00
Total Fare: Rs. 3.6 x meter reading + Rs. 2/-

Electronics meters (usually attached inside the cab):
Initial Reading: Rs. 10.00
Total Fare: Rs. 1.8 x meter reading + Rs. 2/-

The taxi driver is also supposed to carry a 'conversion chart' with the validation date clearly marked on it.


There are a large number of buses and minibuses that pass by the Institute campus. Almost any bus that goes to Dunlop Bridge passes by the ISI gates. The buses that pass by the ISI gates are 11, 32A, 34B/1, 78, 78/1, 78/2, 78A, 78B, 78C, 201, 214, 230, 234, DN9, DN9/1, 9A, 11, 20, S11, S32, GL32 and GLS32. The minibuses plying from Howrah to Nimta/Belgharia, from BBD Bag to Dunlop Bridge, and from Babughat to Sodepur/New Barrackpore go past the ISI gates before reaching Dunlop Bridge. While riding the bus from the city, the major bus stops on your way (from South to North) would be Shyambazar, Chiria More, Sinthi More and Tobin Road. The Bon Hooghly Bus Stop is just North of the Bus Stop at Ananya Cinema. This is where you have to get down in order to enter the residential campus. The next Bus Stop is ISI/Statistical, which is located just outside the entrance of the main office campus at 203, B.T. Road.


Kolkata is warm and humid most of the year around. However, the winter months, say, from November to February are cool, sunny, dry and very pleasant. Monsoon hits Kolkata generally in the second week of June and lasts till the end of September. During this period it rains regularly. The total rainfall during the season is about 20 cm. The temperature in summer goes up to about 37 Celsius and the relative humidity up to 100%. During winter months the temperature ranges from about 10 to 20 Celsius and the relative humidity is around 50%. Light woolen clothing is necessary during winter in Kolkata.