Time Table


Date 9:00-11:00 Hrs Tea 11:30-12:30 Hrs 12:30-13:30 Hrs Lunch 14:30-16:30 Hrs Tea 17:00-18:30 Hrs
Feb. 04, 2009

Registration, Inauguration and High Tea

Tea Plenary Talk

DW: P1171, P1178, P1196.


IP-I: P1016, P1035, P1090, P1098, P1155, P1170, P1255.


IVR: P1048, P1096, P1137, P1138, P1158, P1185.

PR-I: P1095, P1108, P1109, P1151.

PR-II: P1066, P1124, P1133, P1160, P1167, P1169, P1247.

CI: P1070, P1163, P1168, P1254.

Feb. 05, 2009

SPR: P1013, P1046, P1053, P1100, P1105, P1145, P1236, P1251.


RS: P1031, P1039, P1153, P1186.

MIP: P1115, P1130, P1154, P1213.


VT: P1019, P1027, P1088, P1113, P1118,  P1162, P1183.

Tea Industry Session

BM-I: P1024, P1025, P1060, P1073, P1125, P1126, P1244, P1253.

DIA-II: P1081, P1217, P1232, P1238.

PR-III: P1005, P1112, P1165, P1200.

DIA-I: P1018, P1033, P1082, P1199, P1214,  P1243.

Feb. 06, 2009

IP-II: P1040, P1064, P1114, P1127, P1128, P1139.

Tea Plenary Talk

Plenary Talk


CV: P1047, P1087, P1102, P1141, P1210.


PR-IV:  P1042, P1043, P1062, P1086, P1150.

BM-II: P1089, P1093, P1135, P1136, P1149, P1152.


  1. The duration for presentation of  each contributed paper will be 15 minutes. 

  2. The computer (with PowerPoint), LCD video projector and overhead projector (for transparencies) will be available for presentation. For any additional equipment,  please contact ICAPR09 secretariat (icapr09@isical.ac.in) as soon as possible.

  3. The Conference Banquet will be held in the evening of February 05, 2009.  

  4. The Conference Inauguration will be held on February 04, 2009 (10:00-11:00 Hrs) at Geology Auditorium. 


BM - Biometrics

MIP - Medical Image Processing

CI - Computational Intelligence

PR - Pattern Recognition 

CV - Computer Vision

RS - Remote Sensing  

DIA - Document Image Analysis

SPR - Speech Processing and Recognition

IP - Image Processing

DW - Digital  Watermarking

IVR - Image and Video Retrieval

VT - Video Tracking

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