Invited Speech 2

Title: Contribution of Ancient Indians to 'writing' (with special emphasis on South Asian and Indian writing systems)

Speaker: Prof. M. A. Lakshmithathachar

Speaker's affiliation : Samskrti Foundation,
# 1448/1, 5th cross, Krishnamurthypuram, Mysore - 570 004


Abstract: Among the different modes of communication, speech distinguishes man from other animals. Due to various reasons man felt the necessity to record his thoughts and feelings communicated by speech (which was temporary) in the form of graphics which gave raise to the various forms of writing. Ancient Indians have contributed to various aspects of writing in their own unique and distinguished manner. Their contribution can be well observed when the south Asian scripts are studied. Indian scripts also have certain spiritual and philosophical aspects associated with them, which are to be noted and propagated.

Thus the origin and evolution of writing in various parts of the world with special emphasis on South Asian writing systems especially Indian writing systems along with their unique aspects will be discussed in detail in this invited talk.