Post-Conference Tour to Sunderban (2 Days 1 Night)

Minimum number of participants: 30; Maximum number of participants: 40

Cost: 135 -- 165 USD depending upon the type of accommodation (all inclusive)


Departure on 19 Nov., 2010: Early morning departure from Kolkata after breakfast by A/C bus; arrive at an embarkation point near Kolkata (around 100 Kms.) to get into a motor-launch (Sunderban is only accessible by waterways) of the same day.


Arrival on 20 Nov., 2010: Return back to the embarkation point (near Kolkata) in the afternoon from where A/C bus will be provided to reach to Kolkata.


Accommodation: Both A/C and non-A/C accommodation in the launch are limited.


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The name Sunderbans derive from the 'Sundri' plant found in local mangrove and 'ban' in Bengali means forest. Thus, Sunderbans is the forest of Sundri plants. It is a part of the world's largest delta formed by the Indian side rivers Ganges, Brahmaputra and Bangladesh side river Meghna. A network of estuaries, most tidal rivers, and creeks intersected by many channels, it encloses flat, marshy islands covered with dense mangrove forests.

The dense forest of this largest mangrove forest of the world is the habitat of famous Royal Bengal tiger. The Sunderbans in India hold more than 250 royal Bengal tigers. These tigers have adopted to become almost amphibious animal and very good swimmers. In the year 1997, UNESCO awarded Sunderban as a world heritage site.

Sunderbans has reasons to lure environmentalists and biologists. It is a home of various fauna, and many wild creatures like spotted deer, jungle fowl, wild boar, monkeys, lizards, python, ridley sea turtle etc. Also, an innumerable varieties of birds like egret, cormorant, fishing engle, seagull, kingfisher, golden plover, pintail, white eyed pochard ducks, eastern knot and whistling teal are found abandon. Sajnekhali is the popular bird sanctuary in the Sunderbans area where you will find the seven colorful species of kingfisher, plovers, lapwings, white bellied sea eagle, curfews, whimbrels, sandpipers and pelicans among many others.