Messages from Program Coordinator     


I am pleased to be associated with the excellence, mission and vision of global statistical education and training of the International Statistical Education Centre (ISEC) for its historical magnitude, international statistical opportunities, challenges and commitment. The ISEC is an associate institution of the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), an internationally acclaimed institution of national importance. The ISEC draws most of its teachers from the ISI and uses all ISI facilities, including its library. The main purpose of the ISEC is to provide courses in theoretical and applied statistics at various levels to selected participants working with official statistics. The participants are from countries in the Middle-East, the South and the South-East Asia, the Far East and from the Commonwealth Countries of Africa. Earnest endeavour is made to run multidimensional courses in the area of systematically and effectively and to continuously engineer the programmes as per schedule ensuring high quality and cost-effectiveness. Planned and sustained effort of the ISEC is to look after its facilities and the services so as to fulfill the expectations and the requirements of global participants and obtaining time to time their feedback so that the teachers and the participants get mutually benefitted.
I am sure that the ISEC will continue to play its glorious pivotal role significantly in the years to come under the ISI umbrella.


 Dr. Arindam Kar