2006 - 2007


  Events Venue Tentative Date
1 Platinum Jubilee Inaugural function.  The   Prime Minister of India, the Minister of State (Independent Charge), Ministry of Statistics &  P.I, Government of India, the Governor of West Bengal,  the  Chief Minister of West Bengal, the former Chairpersons of the ISI Council,  and other dignitaries including ex-Directors of the Institute will be cordially  invited by the present Chairman of the ISI Council to participate in the inaugural   function which will be presided over by the present President of the Institute at the headquarters in Kolkata on 24.12. 2006.  Kolkata, headquarters 24-Dec-06
2 2nd International conference on Information Systems Security (ICISS 2006) (to be held at ISI, Kolkata in conjunction with Platinum Jubilee celebration of ISI) Kolkata, headquarters 19-21 December 2006
3 Quiz competition. subject: Science, mathematics & statistics, GK (ISI students, Dean) Kolkata, headquarters starting 2006 December
4 Special Lecture Series on `Literacy and Elementary Education' ERU, SRU, PRU, PSU and LRU during 2006-2007 Kolkata, headquarters 2006-07
5 International Conference on Multivariate Statistical Methods in the 21st Century: The Legacy of Professor S.N.Roy   (Convener: Ashis SenGupta)                      "The Conference will be preceded by a Workshop on Multivariate Statistical Methods with Recently Emerging Applications during December 23-27, 2006, at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata" Kolkata, headquarters 28-29 December
6 Lecture series (SMU, Bangalore), 1st series: Mathematics & applications and Probability & Statistics  Bangalore centre Dec06-Jan07
7 SQC-OR Kolkata 1st Lecture Series on SQC/Process Control, reliability and Operations Research  Kolkata, headquarters 2006-2007; 1st week Jan 2007
8 SQC-OR Delhi: International Symposium on Mathematical Programming for Decision Making: Theory and applications (Convener: Dr. S. K. Neogy) Delhi centre 10-11 Jan-07
9 National Seminar on 'Gender Issues and Women Empowerment ' (ERU+SRU+PRU+PSU+LRU)
(Convener: Prof. Manoranjan Pal)
Kolkata, headquarters 1-2 Feb 2007 
10 Sustainable development -- agricultural and sociological aspects (BSD+SSD) (Convener: Prof. J. Chattopadhyay) Giridih February 2-4, 2007
11 Lecture series on PCM & Shewart's collection, ISI (Library & Information Science Division) (Convener: Mrs. Ratna Saha) Kolkata, headquarters February 20 2007
12 National Workshop & International conference on Social Networks: Theory, Methods and application (SMU+SRU) (Convener: Dr. Arun Chatterjee) Kolkata, headquarters 6-16 Feb 2007
13 International Conference on Computing: Theory & Applications (CCSD) (Convener: Prof. M. K. Kundu) Kolkata, headquarters 5-7 March 2007
14 International Conference on Environmental and Ecological Statistics with Applications (SMU, Kolkata) (Convener: Dr. Pulakesh Maiti) Kolkata, headquarters 21-23 March 2007
15 Workshop on Consortia Based Subscription of On-Line Resources at the ISI-Library, Kolkata (Convener: Dr. (Mrs.) Nibedita Ganguly) Kolkata, headquarters March 30 2007
16 A pictorial Album of Indian Statistical Institute & Collected Convocation Addresses 1962-2006 (Library & Information Science Division) Kolkata, headquarters starting Dec 2005; to be completed by Dec 2006

2007 - 2008                                     top

  Events Venue Tentative Date
1 Lecture series on Social Transformation: Different Aspects (SRU+PSU+PRU+ERU) Kolkata, headquarters April, 2007- Dec, 2008
2 Special Lectures on science and method by eminent scholars such as Noam Chomsky Kolkata, headquarters April-Dec, 2007
3 Symposium on Applications of Statistics and Operations Research in Indian Industries  (Convener: G. S. R. Murthy) SQC OR, Hyderabad 24-27 April 2007
4 Symposium on Applications of Statistics and Operations Research in Indian Industries SQC OR, Chennai 24-27 April 2007
5 Seminar on Statistical Methods for Product Warranty Analysis SQC-OR, Chennai Jul-07
6 International conference on the Future of Knowledge Organization DRTC, Bangalore 9-11 August, 2007
7 International conference on Complex Systems in Fluid Flows, PAMU (Convener: Prof. B. Dandapat) Kolkata, headquarters 27-29 Aug 2007
8 Special lectute series  on Flume Studies and Sediment Transport, PAMU (Convener: Prof. B. S. Majumder) Kolkata, headquarters 3-5 Sept 2007
9 Workshop on Self-Archiving and  Digital Repository Kolkata, headquarters October 31 - November 3, 2007
10 International Symposium on Recent Trends in Surface & Colloid Science (GSU) (Convener: Dr. B. K. Paul) Kolkata, headquarters 15-16 Nov 2007
11 3 day International conference on Biodiversity: Issues & Concerns  (BSD) (Conveners: Dr. Anjana Dewanji & Dr. S. Sengupta) Kolkata, headquarters Nov 21-23, 2007
12 National conference on Applied Cognitive Psychology (PRU) (Convener: Dr. Anjali Ghosh) Kolkata, headquarters 29-30 Nov 2007
13 Visionary Lecture Series on 1. Quantum Computing, Cryptology, Information theory; 2. Nanotechnology; 3. Changes in Climate, atmospheric CO_2, Disaster Management; 4. Brain Mapping (Chairman: Prof. Sisir Roy) Kolkata, headquarters Nov 2007 - Jan 2008
14 2nd Lecture Series (SQC OR, Kolkata) Kolkata, headquarters Dec-07
15 4 days international conference on Developments in Theoretical Physics, PAMU (Conveners: Prof. Subir Ghosh & Dr. Guruprasad Kar) Kolkata, headquarters 4-7 Dec 2007

Recent Advances in Probability

Stat-Math Kolkata (Convener: Dr. Krishanu Maulik)

Kolkata, headquarters 11-15 December 2007
17 International Conference on Mathematics ISI-Bangalore 18-22 December 2007
18 Series of lectures on Statistics (Appld Stat) Kolkata, headquarters 3 quarters of 2007-08
19 International Conference on Statistical Paradigms: Recent Advances and Reconciliations (Stat-Math & Appld Stat divisions) (Convener: Prof. Ashis Sengupta) Kolkata, headquarters 1-4 January 2008 
20 International conference on Present Practices and Future Trend in Quality and Reliability (SQC OR, Kolkata) Kolkata, headquarters 22-25 Jan 2008
21 Lecture Series on 1. Algorithms and architectures 2. Document and language processing 3. Image and video processing
4. Soft computing and machine intelligence (CCSD)
Kolkata, headquarters Dec 07-Dec08
22 SQC-OR International Symposium in memory of Prof. S. K. Mitra    ISI-Delhi or at Hyderabad 2007-08
23 Dean of Studies: Inter-university debate competition, quiz competition, cultural functions & essay
competition on Prof Mahalanobis's contribution to Statistics in India, Role of Statistics as a key technology in different branches of science, Statistics -- an aid to Economic Planning etc.
(the topic may be more precisely selected later) to be organized in ISI by our students with and without media help. These programmes may start from 2006-07 and continue up to 2008.
Kolkata, headquarters 2007-08
24 Lectures on Quantitative / Computational Linguistics (LRU) Kolkata, headquarters 2007-08
25 International seminar on 'Liberalisation and the Agrarian Scene' (SRU) Kolkata, headquarters 2007-08
26 International Conference on comparative Development (ERU+PU) (Convener: Dr. Tridip Ray) Kolkata, headquarters 2007-08 (SSD1-4)
27 Special Lecture Series on Indian Plans: Theory and Practice, ISI Kolkata, SSD (Prof. Deb Bose: invited lectures by distinguished economists. Themes: 1. Market, state & Social Justice, ISI's Role in preparing Indian Plans, 3. Decentralized Planning  Kolkata, headquarters 2007-08
28 Series of lectures (3 such) on Mathematics & applications, probability and statistics ISI-Bangalore 2007-08
29 International Conference on Geology: Indian Scenario and Global Context   Themes: 1. Precambrian terrains & tectonics, Proterozoic cratonic basins, passive margins; 2. Alluvial processes and deposits; 3. Geological Data analysis; 4. Evolution, diversity and ecology of Late Plaeozoic and Mesozoic vertebrates. (GSU, Earth & Physical Sciences Division) (Conveners: Dr. Samarandra Bhattacharya & Dr. S. N. Sarkar) Kolkata, headquarters 7-11 Jan 2008
30 Two post-conference field workshops: a) Geotraverse across the southern Eastern Ghats belt, adjoining terrane and the craton b)  Vertebrate fossils & sedimentary sequences in Satpura Gondwana (GSU) (Conveners: Dr. Samarendra Bhattacharya, Prof. Dilip Saha & Dr. Tapan Chakraborty) Kolkata, headquarters 13-19 Jan 2008