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Objective and By-laws

Article 1 : Name:

The name of the Organization shall be Indian Unit for Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence herein after referred to briefly as the IUPRAI.

Article 2 : Jurisdiction:

The IUPRAI shall be an affiliated organization of the International Association of Pattern Recognition (IAPR) and its Jurisdiction is the Indian Union.

Article3: Objectives:

The objectives of the IUPRAI are scientific and educational, directed towards the advancement of the theory, practices and applications of the sciences, technology and arts of the pattern information processing, pattern synthesis and artificial intelligence systems. It shall endeveour to foster a sense of cooperation and effectiveness amongst the scientists and engineers engaged in these fields through exchange of information amongst the specialists and between the specialists and the public for the common good of mankind.

The IUPRAI shall organize regional, national and international conferences on Pattern Recognition, Image Analysis, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Multi-media Systems, Artificial Intelligence and allied subjects, publish periodicals, newsletters, proceedings or special publications and may organize any other activity to further its objectives.

Article 4: Membership:

4.1 There shall be two types of members of IUPRAI.

Type A: Any person of Indian origin who subscribes to the objectives of IUPRAI and fulfils the qualifications as prescribed in the by-laws.

Type B: Any Indian Organization / Institution / Company who is engaged in teaching / training / research and development / product development / advancement in the field relevant to IUPRAI and subscribe to the objectives of IUPRAI and fulfils the qualifications as prescribed in the by-laws.

4.2 The by-laws shall provide criteria and procedures for enrolment of individuals /organizations as members.

Article 5 : Dues and Fees:

The dues and fees shall be as specified in the by-laws. Under exceptional circumstances, the payment of dues and fees may be deferred or waived in whole or in part by the Management Committee [herein after referred to as the MC]. The IUPRAI may receive donation from an individual or from an organization who subscribes to the objectives of IUPRAI.

Article 6: Management:

The main bodies of the IUPRAI shall be [a] The General Body of all members and [b] The Management Committee [MC] constituting of President, Vice-Presidents, Last President, Secretary, Joint Secretaries, Treasurer, Associate Treasurer and Members.

The President assisted by the other officers and members of MC shall be responsible for the overall leadership and shall make necessary administrative and financial arrangements for running the organization smoothly.

Article 7: Committee:

The President and Management Committee may set up different committees such as Nomination Committee, Membership Committee, Conference Committee and / or any other Ad-hoc Committee for their specific purpose. The function of the permanent committee shall be described in the By-laws whereas the President and the MC will decide the functions of the ad-hoc committees.

Article 8: Affiliation and Association:

The IUPRAI may affiliate or associate with the national and international organizations. The intention of this affiliation and association is to facilitate cooperation and collaboration in related fields, the coordination of conferences and acquisitions of facilities as to conferences funds, exchange of scientists or any other mode of cooperation for the fulfillment of the objectives of IUPRAI. The President and MC shall have the final decision on conditions and procedures relating to such affiliations. The President will represent IUPRAI in other national and international organizations or nominate suitable scientists for the purpose of representation.

Article 9: Meetings and Conference:

The MC shall hold meetings at such times as are necessary to carry on the management of IUPRAI. The By-laws shall provide procedures guiding them to arrive at decisions. President and MC both from the floor at a meeting and by written votes by the members in case of postal ballots.

A Biannual Conference may be organized unless special circumstance prevent it.

Article 10: Amendments:

The amendments of the constitution of the society or by-laws may be initiated by the members of the MC or by petition from atleast 20 individual members. By-laws shall provide procedures to handle the amendment.


These By-laws provide brief guidance for the supervision and management of the affairs of IUPRAI in accordance with the constitution on the Association.

Criteria for membership and procedures for enrolment:

[See Article No. 4 of the Constitution]

[a] Individuals applying for membership shall provide details about their professional activities within the field of interest of IUPRAI. This shall embody a record of the general technical / science education of the applicant and his scientific and technical carriers.

[b] Organizations applying for membership shall provide details about their professional activities within the field of interest of IUPRAI. This shall embody a record of the general technical / science education and scientific and technical carriers of some of their key members.

[c] The membership committee shall accept an individual as a member of IUPRAI by a majority vote. The membership committee may delegate its President to accept an individual as a member of IUPRAI when there is evidence that the requirement of demonstrated professional competence has been fulfilled.

[d] Applications for admission to membership of individual shall be addressed to the President of the IUPRAI and submitted to the President's office or to the principal office if there is one for the conduct of the business of the Society.

[e] The membership committee shall advise the MC about the acceptance of an individual as member of IUPRAI.

Composition of the Management Committee:  

[See article 6 of the Constitution]

[a] The IUPRAI shall have a Management Committee and the following officers: President, Vice-Presidents (number will be decided by the General body to spread the activities of IUPRAI to different regions of Indian Territory), Secretary, two Joint Secretaries, Treasure and Associated Treasurer.

[b] MC shall consist of the following officers: President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary, two Joint Secretaries, Treasure, Associated Treasurer and not more than eight members.

[c] The term of office of the MC shall be for 4 years.

Election of Officers and Members of the Management Committee:

The Nominate Committee shall supervise and conduct the elections of the officers and members of the MC through postal ballot by following the principle of simple majority.

Functions of Officers:

The President shall be the principal officer of IUPRAI and shall preside over the meetings of General members, and Management Committee or any other bodies as and when they may be formed. The Vice-President shall assist the President in carrying out the duties. In the absence of the President, he may nominate one of the Vice-Presidents to act as President, or MC may elect any of the Vice-Presidents to do the job. The secretary shall maintain the records of activities, membership or any other aspects as assigned to him by the President. Secretary will be assisted by the Joint Secretary / Secretaries. The Treasurer shall conduct the fiscal affairs of the IUPRAI.

Dues and Fees:

The annual dues for IUPRAI Membership                       : Rs. 200/-

The annual dues for IUPRAI Student membership        : Rs. 100/-

The annual dues for IUPRAI Corporate membership    : Rs. 5000/-

Admission Fee                                                                       : Rs. 100/-
The rate of annual dues may be modified as per the decision of the General Body. The President on behalf of IUPRAI with the consent of MC may receive donation from an individual or from an organization who subscribes to the objectives of IUPRAI.