International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR) 2024 at Kolkata

The Indian Unit for Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence (IUPRAI) is the country affiliate of International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR) since 1982. In India there are a 300 strong close knit research community dedicated for developing algorithms and systems related to Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Soft Computing, Knowledge based Computing, Graphics and Vision Systems. The community is active in publishing numerous articles in international journals and conferences. IUPRAI is associated with a number of conferences in areas related to PR. The International Conference on Advances in Pattern Recognition and Digital Techniques (ICAPRDT) is the flagship conference of IUPRAI and is being held in the Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta almost every four years for the last 17 years. It was during the ICAPRDT of 1982 IUPRAI was affiliated to IAPR in presence of Prof. King Sun Fu, former president of IAPR, Prof. Azriel Rosenfeld and Dr. Piere Devijver, the then president and secretary of IAPR and a host of other dignitories. Quite a few conferences and workshops covering PR and related areas are being organized regularly by various research groups in India that are cosponsored by IUPRAI. IUPRAI organizes an international conference named ‘Indian Conference on Vision, Graphics and Image Processing (ICVGIP)’, which is a biennial event and in the in-between years a ‘National Conference on Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing and Graphics (NCVPRIPG)’ is also organized. Soft computing conferences involving fuzzy mathematics, ANN and GA are organised every year. The active hub of IUPRAI influenced organisation of full semester graduate level courses on Pattern Recognition, Image Processing and Computer Vision in all the leading Indian institutes of national importance.