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Technical Co-Sponsorship by Indian Unit of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence (IUPRAI)

IUPRAI enters into agreements of technical co-sponsorship with selected technical program organizers, within India, as one means of promoting activities of interest. Each proposal will be evaluated by a committee based on the following. Organizers applying for the technical co-sponsorship are expected to highlight the following features in their applications.

1. How does the program align with the objective and field of interests of IUPRAI?
2. What is the experience/expertise of the organizers?
3. What is the chance of success of the program and thereby increase the possibility of having new members?
4. What is the credibility of speakers/experts joining the program as resource persons?
5. What is the credibility of other organizations that are sponsoring/co-sponsoring the program?
6. What is the rigor of the review process for accepting the papers submitted, in case the program is a national/international conference?
7. Is the proposal date clashing with any IUPRAI organized major program such as ICVGIP and NCVPRIPG?

Actions Expected of Program Organizers

1. Program organizers propose technical co-sponsorship to the President of IUPRAI at least 6 months before the program is to occur. In case of a conference it is to be at least 1 year before.
2. Program organizers assume all financial responsibility for the program. Technical co-sponsorship by IUPRAI entails no financial responsibility.
3. Program organizers display IUPRAI logo on all publicity, Web sites, correspondence, signage, and publications, if any. In addition, all publications and publicity related to the program mention explicitly technical co-sponsorship by IUPRAI.
4. During the program, organizers provide membership application forms for IUPRAI to all attendees, and distribute related promotional material provided by IUPRAI.
5. For one representative of IUPRAI, called the chief liaison, the program organizers waive the program registration fee so that the chief liaison can attend the program.
6. The conference organizers, in cooperation with the chief liaison, present a timely report of the program to the President of IUPRAI.
7. Program organizers are to provide discount in registration fee for the members of IUPRAI to join the program.
8. The program organizers are to provide IUPRAI a list (preferably in electronic format) of all participants with the affiliation, email and membership status in IUPRAI.
9. Program organizers should provide details of the review/selection process of the papers in case of a national/international conference. Organizers should convince IUPRAI about the rigor of the process.
10. In case financial support is extended, program organizers make every effort to return either full/part of the support to IUPRAI.
11. All proposals should be mailed to with a copy to

Actions Expected of IUPRAI

1. IUPRAI publicizes the program to its members through electronically circulating the call for participation. IUPRAI to also post the program notice on its Web site.
2. IUPRAI certifies technical co-sponsorship of the program so that organizers may attract good number of participation.
3. IUPRAI supports organizers by identifying qualified persons to serve the program as resource persons. 
4. IUPRAI to report the detail of the program in its newsletter and then present the report during the Annual General Body meeting of IUPRAI.