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The Indian Unit for Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence (IUPRAI) is the country affiliate of International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR) since 1982. In India there are a 300 strong close knit research community dedicated for developing algorithms and systems related to Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Soft Computing, Knowledge based Computing, Graphics and Vision Systems. The community is active in publishing numerous articles in international journals and conferences. IUPRAI is associated with a number of conferences in areas related to PR. The International Conference on Advances in Pattern Recognition and Digital Techniques (ICAPRDT) is the flagship conference of IUPRAI and is being held in the Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta almost every four years for the last 17 years. It was during the ICAPRDT of 1982 IUPRAI was affiliated to IAPR in presence of Prof. King Sun Fu, former president of IAPR, Prof. Azriel Rosenfeld and Dr. Piere Devijver, the then president and secretary of IAPR and a host of other dignitories. Quite a few conferences and workshops covering PR and related areas are being organized regularly by various research groups in India that are cosponsored by IUPRAI. The Indian Conference on Vision, Graphics and Image Processing is an annual event. Soft computing conferences involving fuzzy mathematics, ANN and GA are organised every year. The active hub of IUPRAI influenced organisation of full semester graduate level courses on Pattern Recognition, Image Processing and Computer Vision in all the leading Indian institutes of national importance.

Host of IUPRAI  -  ISI
ISI, Kolkata

 Founded by late Prof. P C Mahalanobis in 1931, the Indian Statistical Institute has all along been playing a pioneering role in theoretical and applied research, promoting teaching and training in the fields of Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quality, Reliability and Operations Research, Economics and related disciplines. It has made significant contributions to social and economic planning of the government of India as well as contributions to  research and development in pure and applied Computer Science and dissemination of scientific quality control and quantitative management techniques for the industry. By the special act of parliament, the institute was declared an Institution of National Importance as early as in 1959.

The active leadership of ISI scientists in areas of digital computing and signal processing is a major force in the development of Computer Science in India. The institute offers graduate level courses in Computer Science which includes specialisation in areas of Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence among others. With a large pool of dynamic and talented faculty, the active support of alumni and students and with its close links with the software industry and national funding agencies, the ISI act as the perfect host institute for the IUPRAI.

There shall be two types of members of IUPRAI.

Type A: Any person of Indian origin who subscribes to the objectives of IUPRAI and fulfils the qualifications as prescribed in the by-laws.

Type B: Any Indian Organization / Institution / Company who is engaged in teaching / training / research and development / product development / advancement in the field relevant to IUPRAI and subscribe to the objectives of IUPRAI and fulfils the qualifications as prescribed in the by-laws.

Dues and Fees:

The dues for Life Membership Rs.3000.00
The annual dues for IUPRAI Corporate membership Rs.5000.00
Admission Fee  Rs.100.00

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