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Cultural and scientific heritage resources are of fundamental value for mankind, both as a unique knowledge base and in terms of their educational and potential commercial utilization. It is necessary to foster the development of innovative technological tools and systems for the exploitation of both traditional and digital Cultural Heritage resources. The latter comprise resources that have either been created as digital substitutes to the original objects held by cultural or scientific institutions (i.e. libraries, museums, archives, research centres, universities etc.) or are born digital.

The emergence of electronic technology in general, and digital library technology in particular, has opened up exciting new possibilities for digital preservation of heritage martial. Digital media have several advantages, which make them particularly suitable for heritage preservation. They are durable and easily reproducible, and provide unprecedented flexibility while accessing the preserved content. This symposium will provide a platform for internationally renowned experts to describe their work on the aspects of digital library technology that are particularly relevant for heritage preservation

Created on ... June 24, 2007