Malapati 's Cryptopath!

This Cryptopath starts from introducing the cryptography and is upto research level!!!

Here it starts into crypto life ..



Very first intro can be had from .. Gives u the primary idea about what is what in crypto ..



Gives intro with a some technical stuff



Little more clearly ..



then another intro ( do not try to understand everything there .. just read it to get an idea )



Remember .. Whenever doubts arise in between .. then goto .. RSA faq (available online)




Had enough intros ..



anything interesting in crypto ???


So now let us enter into real crypto world ..



Depending on the back ground topics: U can decide ur career in crypto: by reading the respective books!


If Computer Sc: Complexity Theory, Formal Languages, Security protocols, r the favorites in crypto


LectureNotes of S.GoldWasser and M.Bellare (available Online!)

The Foundations of Cryptography by Oded Goldreich (available Online!)


If Electronics & Communication: Network Security Protocols is the hot topic in crypto


Cryptography and Network Security by William Stallings


If Mathematics: DHP, DLP, ECC cryptography are some of the interesting elementary topics of crypto


A course in Number Theory and Cryptography by N. Koblitz

Cryptography: Theory and practice by D R stinson

Making, Breaking Codes: An Introduction to Cryptology by P Garrett

Elliptic Curves and Their Applications to Cryptography by A Enge

Public-Key Cryptography by Arto Salomaa


If Physics: Quantum Cryptography


No good books .. one can go for research articles on quantum crypto Gives elementary intro and from references one can enter

into the subject


If Biology: DNA Cryptography, Biometrics r the favorites in crypto


No good books .. one can read following basic papers



Not decided any area ( or not listed above? )


No problem .. just go by the folowing general (& the best ) crypto books :

Hand Book of Applied Cryptography by A Menezes, P Oorschot & S Vanstone (mostly known for implementation of crypto algorithms .. available online: )

Applied Cryptography by Bruce Schneier



Imp Note:


Very good collection of crypto books in a cd format is available from Dr. Dobbs (can be had from

any online bookshop .. for example:


Reserach papers of crypto (crypto and eurocrypt proceedings 1981-97) is available from International Association for Cryptologic Research in a cd format (


Many more research papers (and also intro articles too) r available online in authors sites ..

or some e-print servers .. find out them using (Simply the best search engine)




To read background topics of cryptography:


Algorithms and Complexity by Wilf





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