(India's) Cryptography/Cryptology/Cryptanalysis/Security Pointers

Call for Papers (India)



Previous Conferences/ Workshops held in India
  • Workshop on Number Theory and Cryptography held at IISc Bangalore during Jan 2006
  • ASIACRYPT 2005
  • INDOCRYPT 2005
  • Workshop on Cryptography at IITKGP during sept 2005
  • National Workshop on Cryptology: 2005
  • TCS Excellence in Computer Science (TECS) 2005 conducted at TRDDC (TCS), Pune in Jan'05.
  • INDOCRYPT 2004
  • Discrete Mathemtics and Applications 2004
  • National Workshop on Cryptology'04 conducted at Amrita Insts, Kollam in Sept04.
  • IITKHACK04 was organised at IIT, Kanpur in March 2004.
  • FSE 2004 was organised at ISI, Delhi in Feb 2004.
  • Indocrypt 2003 was organised at ISI, New Delhi in December 2003.
  • ICNSEN 2003 was organised by SASTRA, Kumbakonam.
  • National Workshop on Cryptology was organised at Anna Univ, Chennai in Oct'03
  • InfoCrypt 2003 was organised at Amrita Institutions, Kerala in April 2003.
  • Indocrypt 2002 was organised at IDRBT, Hyderabad in December 2002.
  • R. C. Bose Symp on Discrete Math & Appls, was organised by ISI, Kolkata in Dec02.
  • National Workshop on Cryptology, was organised by ISI, Delhi in oct'02.
  • Indocrypt 2001 was organised at IIT, Madras (chennai) in December 2001.
  • National Workshop on Cryptology, October 10th to October 12th, 2001 at ISI, Kolkata.
  • Indocrypt 2000 was organised by ISI at Science City, Kolkata in December 2000.

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